Madness!! Daggering In East London - Bashment vs Afrobeats - Girls, Hype Fun fli5Star
 1st (2012-02-12 at 08:11:58)
 u cunts .

 2nd (2012-02-12 at 08:21:03)
 00:25 teach me how to dougie punjabi stylee .

 >>> (2012-02-12 at 08:48:54)

 Bare young kids (2012-02-12 at 10:28:07)
 And smelly nigies! .

 unknown (2012-02-12 at 10:51:22)
 whats last song called .

 LOOOOOL (2012-02-12 at 12:59:07)
 20:12 XD!!! .

 kmt (2012-02-12 at 12:59:14)
 was therem bare gals wiv washed up makeup farting inside d club,,kmt .

 LOOL (2012-02-12 at 16:02:15)
 5:11 sum fake blittz gullyish LOOOOL .

 lool (2012-02-12 at 18:43:53)
 Does anyone the name of the tune they play at the end????? .

 meh (2012-02-13 at 01:42:17)
 raves r starting to die .

 loool (2012-02-13 at 14:37:05)
 17:38 'Worst rave ever' LOOOL. all dese yatts stuntin .

 kmt (2012-02-13 at 19:56:15)
 all this pple all thy know about dancing is whinning nothin else that y i love portugues dancing. and y dj sean and god father and fbi hidding if thy knw wat thy doing is right thy wont b hiding they will go to hell. .

 spam (2012-02-14 at 20:06:23)
 ONE bad apple? Let's not forget Jamaica is one of the smallest countries in the world and yet have the highest murder rate per capita, how TF do you explain that? Not to mention every $h!tstorm of terror perpetrated on the city of Toronto over the last 10 years can be DIRECTLY attributed to them and their stupid street gangs i.e. "The Versace boys". These idiots ran around shooting up everything everywhere and even went so far as to shoot up a few of the victims funerals. When they couldn't get to who they were after at one of the funerals, they instead resorted to following the family from the funeral service and doing drive by shooting in the middle of the busiest highway in the city. Just ask any Torontonian about "the summer of the gun" or the Jane Creba shooting which took place on Boxing Day 2005 while a mother and her 15 year old daughter were out Boxing Day shopping in downtown Toronto. The Boxing Day shooting was a gang-related shooting which occurred on December 26, 2005 on Toronto's Yonge Street, resulting in the death of a 15-year-old student named Jane Creba. Six other bystanders—four men and two women, were wounded. The incident took place on one of Toronto's most crowded streets on the very busy shopping day, just a few blocks north of the Toronto Eaton Centre. The story generated national news coverage in Canada. and influenced the then-underway 2006 federal election campaign on the issues of gun crime and street violence. All a result of Jamaican street gangs here in Toronto. That's why people don't like Jamaicans. .

 shanera (2012-02-15 at 12:49:49)
 the reasons why i dont party ! .

 missbigbattygee (2012-02-20 at 08:13:25)
 dese girls cant whine to save dere life and sum dead quailty music and dey no to do is dagger like dey cant dance end off .

 wooow (2012-03-03 at 18:10:41)
 woow you this aint got no rateings what so ever. .

 dat guy (2012-03-04 at 16:02:33)
 You KNow A Rave Was Certified WHen You See Damage There!!! .

 AvB (2012-08-16 at 20:13:03)
 this rave was hard you had to be there .

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Madness!! Daggering In East London - Bashment vs Afrobeats - Girls, Hype Fun fli5Star
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