Madness!! Girls Start Fighting On Teachas Pet For Vybz Kartel - Gets Mad - Stop The Violence
 PEAK (2011-12-17 at 05:47:12)

 yard man (2011-12-17 at 05:49:16)
 she went in ho can some american try fight a yardie gyal even i wouldnt do dat .

 TOTTY N17 (2011-12-16 at 01:53:02)
 BRAPPPPPP ...ah long time mi did warnnn beat yuh looool! .

 l (2011-12-16 at 03:21:48)
 peaaak .

 First (2011-12-16 at 01:51:33)
 Country ass bitch .

 gg (2011-12-16 at 15:52:11)
 this is not working on my laptop need a link for this episode asap .

  love kartel (2011-12-16 at 10:52:08)
 ay gyal a long time mi want beat yuh pussy...! lool .

 nw (2011-12-16 at 11:09:09)
 ah long time mi wan beat u u na gyal.looooooool and all u can hear is her gettn nuff licks loooooool .

 lool (2011-12-16 at 08:51:50)
 big yardie man calling security for a bitch fight .

 salem (2011-12-16 at 07:45:28)
 deh pan a yard man ting... .

 looooooooooooool (2011-12-16 at 06:16:32)
 loooooooooooooooooool AY GAL!! .

 LOL (2011-12-24 at 12:17:50)
 EY GAL ah long time me warn beat yuh enuh .

 Hahahaha (2011-12-17 at 06:42:58)
 Da Yankee Bitch Was All Talk... Ay Gyal, Ah Long Time Mi Waan Beat You Ennuh Pussy! Loooool... Don't Fuck Wiv Dem Yard Gyal Deh.. Did U Hear Da Ammount Of Bloodclart Tump She Gave Her Ha Ha.. Gwarn Salem .

 oo (2011-12-19 at 14:45:34)
 PEOPLE IF YOU SMOKE WEED SEARCH, >>> Simple Jackson FT. Bamalam - Zoots Are Getting Me Pissed (Prod. AWL) <<<<< ON YOUTUBE .

 the G (2012-02-21 at 10:55:52)
 bumbaclart nuh ever fuck with ah yardie .

 Max Kingstion (2012-11-04 at 10:07:07)
 looool ah so di jamaican gyal dem stay nuh bada fuck wid dem woulda mash up yuh blooodclaat .

 That Jamaican bitch is a HATER (2012-11-25 at 22:55:17)
 She's a jealous hater that girl didn't do nth to her, she was hatin. PLUS the girl only 5'0 and that big bitch 5'7 OF COURSE she was going to win. Everybody wanted to fight ATL cuz she's the shortest. .

 Jamaican niggas tryin' to pump up " (2012-11-25 at 23:07:02)
 Nobody scared of them ugly bitches, she need to run up on a real hood bitch. Not somebody 5'0 tall and 100 lbs ol' ugly nappy headed hoe, she stay tryna' fight girls that look better than her ugly ass .

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Madness!! Girls Start Fighting On Teachas Pet For Vybz Kartel - Gets Mad - Stop The Violence
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