Mainz Lyrical Saviourz - No Justice - Official Video - Bars
 .. (2011-12-22 at 07:09:13)
 hard hard .

 NW (2011-12-22 at 07:08:44)
 aaarrs .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-25 at 18:41:37)
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 stop hattin lol (2011-12-26 at 04:36:56)
 com on son...da nigga was just tryinig to get some shit off his chest, i dont think he really trying to be a singer or a rapper i think he was just trying to get a point across..da nigga just need a lil guidance..could be the next nutrino lol........what...im just saying.......aweee come on son lol .

 shut up (2011-12-22 at 09:24:26)
 ur all shit. all look like moistys. stop beggin it theres no room for shit rappers with a shit image. some typical intro. u lot fink ur makin movements and im tellin u ur not guna improve lookin like that. i suggest u get an 8ball of coke and flip it, get some serious dough then come back in 5 years u serious wastemen. pisses me off how everyone in london fink they can blow now. jus piss off and enjoy ur life. and shame if u live on an estate its jus peak for u whole fam hahahahahaha .

 i hear tht (2011-12-21 at 11:31:39)
 nice tune .

 castro (2011-12-24 at 18:45:27)
 keep up the good work ma donny hatters make yougo far .

 WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/HERBALBLAZER (2011-12-20 at 01:45:32)

 yh (2011-12-20 at 04:40:42)
 yh no justice 4 real .

 sec (2011-12-20 at 04:42:45)
 tru talks , tlkin sense styll .

 all zones (2011-12-20 at 04:44:07)
 more should happen. .

 fam ur not max b (2011-12-19 at 22:56:16)
 just give up dis is shit .

 gizmo (2011-12-30 at 11:18:45)
 flo sounds unique i think tune kinda ard .

 FT (2011-12-20 at 15:28:54)
 let me make a few points,1: This song is WACK, this dude cant sing. and cant rap, and no I aint hating but really. My brother Im sure you must have some talent, but singing and rapping aint it. 2: What the rass has man and gyal teefin crepes got to do with the police unlawfully shooting Mark Duggan RIP.Back in the 60s when black people really had it bad, and we had the civil rights movement and the black panthers, and black people were regularly being shot by the police, man dem rioted, the protested, but they never stole bullshit, because they knew, if you steal anything, then your protest looks fake, and the police can just say your motive is about greed, rather than your human rights. So please, stop frontin like all the people running up in JDs really gave a fuck about the real victim, Mark Duggan RIP .

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Mainz Lyrical Saviourz - No Justice - Official Video - Bars
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