Matrix Spits Ard Bars - Man Gets Bare Hype To Camera Man - Spiff TV
 he goes hard (2009-10-14 at 20:18:03)
 yh yh i like that dj bar same happen to me .

 straight facts (2009-10-14 at 22:54:58)
 this guy is fucking HARD.. and i think he is free styleing .

 his sick (2009-10-14 at 23:40:34)
 cant even hate his sick still. he kind off dis ace and vis loool .

 WESTSIDE (2009-10-15 at 06:08:26)

 SB allday (2009-10-15 at 06:09:26)
 power barz matr .

 wot eva.. (2009-10-15 at 06:44:20)
 dis guy`s shit... LOL no wonder they wuddent play ur lame ass dick hahaha!! .

 fuckery (2009-10-15 at 07:19:08)
 that guy wid da bally looks like sum nitty .

 firm fusion (2009-10-15 at 07:26:12)
 Matrix is arrdd .

 box an mc silly (2009-10-15 at 07:51:49)
 ahhhhh mate .

 5*G (2009-10-15 at 09:18:43)
 Ma dargies bin ard from day gwan killa .

 ARRDDD (2009-10-19 at 16:14:57)
 Man cyant lie da boy cum ard der still my man in da bally look a bit cracked out tho .

 FF (2009-10-21 at 16:55:02)

 KILLER (2009-10-22 at 15:53:51)
 yur shit fam, learn to spit then post again, pussiclart .

 B&H (2009-10-22 at 22:45:19)

 jjj (2009-11-02 at 18:54:39)
 guy in da ballies a mad man skitzoprenia and ting .

 here i am (2009-11-03 at 07:03:21)
 im the muthafucking man .

 badman (2009-12-15 at 23:13:51)
 my man in the bally is straping a little zoot ...lol nitty .

 JHEEZ (2010-08-11 at 11:46:47)

 Marti/ Jivon u pussy (2010-06-18 at 09:01:30)
 U pussy, your the shittest rapper on road. give up you pussy. U ugly guy .

 TheahHewmom (2012-10-25 at 19:39:41)
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Matrix Spits Ard Bars - Man Gets Bare Hype To Camera Man - Spiff TV
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