Meleka - Go (Official Video) - Funky Tune - Emotional Video
 chantelle (2009-07-30 at 21:30:30)
 lol pissd .

 jay (2009-08-05 at 14:32:43)
 i know da guy still his a donut.. .

 BOOP! (2009-08-18 at 19:31:59)
 LOL I rate the ending .

 ginger breadman (2009-09-10 at 17:17:39)
 Ha Ha .the fat bitch probably jus sat on him! .

 groupie (2009-11-15 at 08:32:39)
 nigger make chicks wanna catch a case 4 real .

 Princess Paigieeee (2009-12-11 at 12:21:01)
 This tuneee is hard!!! she went abit ott wit killing him wen he cheated buh boys sud b punished wen they cant stay faithful..=) .

 .... (2009-12-14 at 14:31:16)
 Iv had ma last 2 x's cheat on me n dey wer pissed wen they found out how i got dem bck more pissed dan wuh i was wen dey cheated on me i can harddd... they dont deserve gals wen boys cheat.. cant b faithful dont b ina relationship.. simple... .

 Anika (2010-09-01 at 05:33:43)
 Luv Dis Song I Have Been Searching For Dis For Tym .

 looool (2011-07-10 at 10:30:44)
 shit .

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Meleka - Go (Official Video) - Funky Tune - Emotional Video
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