Migraine Skank
 london_bloke (2009-06-20 at 12:51:24)
 you mug .

 REAL DON (2009-09-28 at 20:24:49)

 4 real (2010-10-24 at 21:19:22)
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 got my creps on cunt .

 voilet gang say (2010-08-11 at 10:27:55)
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 GRIMOS (2010-05-27 at 12:08:53)

 BLUE GANG SAY (2010-07-25 at 22:06:53)

 UUUUZZZZZY (2010-11-01 at 14:28:31)
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 dick (2011-03-26 at 10:33:32)
 waste man whats he on fam .

 sheilss khalifa. (2011-04-09 at 10:05:17)
 first step you take your left hand next step you take your right hand and then put your hand on your head and show me the migraine skank. (88) Laaaaaaa RAGE. ! .

 even funnniiierrrr (2011-04-10 at 14:04:33)
 whn u got no sound HAHAHAHA!!!! .

 Moist! (2011-06-22 at 09:37:51)
 Dis gotta be da shittest dance move known to man! No wonder it goes well wiv funky house! .

 Deandre (2011-07-05 at 02:35:32)
 Tip top stuff. I'll expcet more now. .

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