Motivation - Youths Go Hard In a Bar Workout In Central London (Oxford Circus) BlockWorkOut
 Elevator (2012-11-21 at 02:50:31)
 this is a good look... keep it up .

 typical shit (2012-11-21 at 02:57:56)
 black man turns to guns and drugs, gets arrested, goes to jail, converts to islam, stops smoking, goes to a park and does weights and now thinks hes nelson mandela....usual shit, go get a job .

 bored (2012-11-21 at 02:58:27)
 so bored of these 'brothers' with long beards claiming their muslim, yet on the weekend theyre buying a bottle of henny .

 lol (2012-11-21 at 02:59:24)
 'All these stunts and trucks are guided by highly professional bodyweight experts' didnt my man say i just went to the park and did weights? .

 lol (2012-11-21 at 03:00:16)
 'All these stunts and trucks are guided by highly professional bodyweight experts' So training on a scaffolding site is what a trained expert would recommend? because i highly doubt ulot were safe .

 Us back people are strong (2012-11-21 at 03:10:37)
 I can't do this but I can push 130kg on bitch no1s fuckin wid me haha .

 OMG (2012-11-21 at 05:13:40)
 all this is is gymnastics .

 @typical shit (2012-11-21 at 05:20:59)
 well said g .

 @OMG (2012-11-21 at 05:52:00)

 LOOOOOL PEOPLE WHO KOW NOTHING (2012-11-21 at 06:07:16)

 --- (2012-11-21 at 06:48:22)
 word of warning... scaffolding is not not designed for this!!!! they could of brought it down and killed people. .

 stop hating on islam (2012-11-21 at 06:55:21)
 so what is people go prison and revert to islam atleast they turn there lifes around or try unlike going stright back in if islam helps them do that them more poepl should revert den living ur life like sum gangster coz the only outcome u gona get is hell ma brudda .

 typical shit (2012-11-21 at 07:32:42)
 you do realise he's mixed race ( both black and white) right? so how can he be just ''black''? that's what i don't get about people .

 joness (2012-11-21 at 07:42:02)
 boost is christian noww and he never reverted to islam in prison...he reverted in 05 times .

 calm p's (2012-11-21 at 10:18:32)
 straight up, SAME day money square moves, add for more information 2961F62A .

 correction (2012-11-21 at 12:20:35)
 thats not Oxford Circus fool .

 LOOOL (2012-11-21 at 15:31:53)
 teaching man dem how to fight nd take a beating .

 Lol (2012-11-21 at 16:12:20)
 Bruv i can do push up wit my dick Dese man r soft .

 Lool (2012-11-21 at 16:50:51)
 Ninja warrior akh .

 Lool (2012-11-21 at 16:51:06)
 Ninja warrior akh .

 Stupid ass video (2012-11-21 at 16:52:17)
 Pointless like your mum .

 Stupid ass video (2012-11-21 at 16:55:26)
 Pointless like your mum .

 A lot convert willingly (2012-11-21 at 17:51:48)
 But don't get it twisted in prison a lot get forced to convert and if they do not get bullied. It was his mandem that were the 1's forcing and bullying people to convert. Everyone in South kno's O.C. terrorized many people in jail and the road to convert. That whole ting was started by Suge Knight and Stinks .

 h u r (2012-11-22 at 04:00:02)
 soo whattttt .

 2279BE09 (2012-11-22 at 09:35:31)
 add if you wanna make 1k in 15 mins .

 Richie (2012-11-22 at 21:06:51)
 The video is shit the music was shit the whole block work out is swag stay gang bangin .

 Bus wanker (2012-11-23 at 22:57:48)
 Pointless video and I need to piss but I'm scared to leave my room cause it's dark n the boot man might be outside. .

 dont hate (2013-03-01 at 17:07:18)
 since boost and them turned christian have you heard any bad stories? they have changed for real and they are bringing changes to london shoutout boost, block workout, mr cmon and the rest .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-26 at 21:17:33)
 The consistency of the website directly impacts the customer's approval and the chances of them going back to you will certainly be slim in the event that consistency begins lacking. The consumers nee .

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Motivation - Youths Go Hard In a Bar Workout In Central London (Oxford Circus) BlockWorkOut
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