Nay Bridge - Pinero Beats FreeStyle (FreeStyle Vid) #MME @Nay_Bridge @Pinero11
 suk ur muda (2012-05-29 at 17:35:19)
 Sum shit youte get owta here pussio .

 somerlayton (2012-05-29 at 16:08:08)
 hes from brixton not east london .

 eastside till i die (2012-05-29 at 00:35:08)
 1st my nigga... EAST london all day, real niggaz .

 BRICKY (2012-06-01 at 05:06:05)
 u lot are all moist hateing on man and sumerside is in brixton london nt east .

 Nopoxfugprero (2013-01-07 at 23:10:32)
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Nay Bridge - Pinero Beats FreeStyle (FreeStyle Vid) #MME @Nay_Bridge @Pinero11
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