North London - SQUEEKS - DREAMING [Net Video] @squeeksTP
 sho (2012-12-21 at 03:48:22)
 squeeks is inspiration .

 Bedford (2012-12-21 at 05:01:27)
 SQUEEKS IS SHOWER Fully speaks truth and about his shit. .

 OLD KENT ROAD (2012-12-21 at 07:07:06)
 STP!!! .

 OLD KENT ROAD (2012-12-21 at 07:07:28)
 STP!!! .

 Oi (2012-12-21 at 08:11:05)
 Hes so shitt .

 low it cuz (2012-12-21 at 12:21:55)
 squeeks is hard .

 kmtttttttttttttttt (2012-12-21 at 16:25:27)
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  kmtttttttttttttttt (2012-12-21 at 16:26:31)
 they neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever wana see face to face.............. Fuck outta here .

 29606856 (2012-12-22 at 14:45:19)
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 izzi (2012-12-22 at 18:59:20)

 this squeekz guyz aigth (2012-12-23 at 16:09:22)
 squeeks i feel like im dreaming too. your vocals are low still. stay 100 .

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North London - SQUEEKS - DREAMING [Net Video] @squeeksTP
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