North London Hornsey Young Kingz (Fari & Zei) - Mama Don't Cry ft. Flipp @FariArtist
 Ard (2013-01-13 at 05:32:38)
 Real talks keep at it .

 sw9 (2013-01-13 at 11:25:27)
 hardddddd .

 boy (2013-01-14 at 04:32:47)
 these man are idiots but have to rate that tune .

 @ piff city pbcb ching? (2013-01-15 at 17:44:13)
 do u no what properly makes it even more funny...no one knows or gives a fuck about piff city 'unkown'!! great track guys .

 piff city pbcb ching (2013-01-15 at 15:27:08)
 Dis is wack dese funny dreads youts make me laugh wen dem boy ran up in der base jj pead up lashed faris aunty an man no its her coz she had locks an bwoy she wet eiiiii .

 realest choone (2013-01-15 at 15:44:27)
 realest and best tune from fari .

 hmm (2013-01-13 at 07:03:30)
 the tunes decent still and that girls piff .

 One plat... (2013-01-12 at 06:08:27)
 Deep tune... Inspired me to jimmy up, been a bareback beater for too long, need to stop spreading the burn!!!! .

 Mancs (2013-01-12 at 04:46:51)
 Dont get this nigga, hes on dis gangster ting, but puts out dope tunes like this. I would bang dis tune all day. Nigga with talent like yours, start putting out more bangers like dis .

 w12 (2013-01-13 at 15:24:54)
 that girl is noice in that video i need here number lool .

 different approach (2013-01-12 at 11:52:37)
 this is hard still spliff u need put more music up like this .

 E4 sting (2013-01-12 at 11:50:42)
 i dont like the niggas around Young Kingz but i fuck wid Young Kingz musically their talented .

 classic shit (2013-01-12 at 11:12:50)
 we need more music like this coming out the hood .

 i cant front (2013-01-12 at 11:32:17)
 really god everything was on point! everything .

 they need a deal! (2013-01-12 at 11:08:44)

 wow (2013-01-12 at 11:09:18)
 this beat is proper sick!! .

 Ayo easter Daniels (2013-01-12 at 11:02:01)
 We bummed bare man in north its snufin but hollla at me on f.b if your prepared to be licked .

 yo (2013-01-12 at 09:34:09)

 Unknown (2013-01-12 at 09:18:26)
 Des nigas fell off ders jus gbg left in hornsey we need der real music out ere dey be up next .

 Fair first time (2013-01-12 at 07:36:43)
 First time u block cunt something decent lol u fat fuck .

 Dis was a banger (2013-01-12 at 03:38:42)
 If u can hate on dis go jump of a bridge .

 wg (2013-01-14 at 14:57:44)

 green gang (2013-01-12 at 03:11:20)
 e17 green gang fuck grey gang gk grey gang killa boundry rd cum chek me ramone out ere .

 Not afraid to say it (2013-01-13 at 20:14:44)
 Tsetv.co.uk tmilzuk is better than all these bruddas rt .

 Linx (2013-01-12 at 02:43:19)
 Fuck you!!! this is real, hard shit!!! stow bitch E 1 7 keep up the real musik!!Lyrikal content appreciated!!!!! .

 R (2013-01-12 at 01:39:57)
 Shit .

 real wood green hustler (2013-02-04 at 17:53:12)
 Big up young kingz for dis tune aint even gnna lie their puttin in mad work. But kraze u gotta low da ringin manz fone sayin ya gnna come wood green cum ere u pussy ur a shook 19 year old yute go play with ur toys. Fuck every colour out ere fuk n8 grey gang fuk e17 green gang fuk n9 fuk n18 fuk n17 fuk n15 fuk n19 fuk n5 n22 green gang wood green all day green gang e17 come wood green I dare u chattin like u lot got pees stop gassin when we rolled waltham stow u man got shook and fone fed and pinky wearin umbro in ur video ur broke dawg get ur fukin pees up or shut up. G money bak on da block now wag1 for da silence all of a sudden prove ur dutty selfs and cum wood green other wise stop sayin ur gnna cum 22nd side 2s up .

 aaaaaaaaaa (2013-01-17 at 13:19:42)
 what happened to grey gang you clowns? .

 N9 (2013-01-20 at 21:12:36)
 looool pathetic so they tried the gang ting that didnt work now there trying to sing lol moist .

 N9 (2013-01-20 at 21:13:02)
 looool pathetic so they tried the gang ting that didnt work now there trying to sing lol moist .

 sw2 (2013-01-29 at 20:02:19)
 wacccck .

 Track (2013-01-27 at 16:16:39)
 Respect when its due .

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North London Hornsey Young Kingz (Fari & Zei) - Mama Don\'t Cry ft. Flipp @FariArtist
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