North West - Shax - Letter (OFFICIAL VIDEO) @ShaxOfficial @Juveeonline
 loooooooooool (2012-08-04 at 07:04:13)
 hahahahahahahah ur mums dead looooooooool .

 went in (2012-02-08 at 00:22:25)
 diss guy talented i give him dat still trying find way 2 h8 fuk ill think of soon .

 real talk (2012-02-08 at 03:38:07)
 this is hard .

 lmao (2012-02-08 at 03:58:27)
 everytime i hear dat linkup tv ting at da start i fink of dvs hometown .

 dis guy is moist (2012-02-08 at 04:10:54)
 sum any wembley pussy dat got his dad to back all his beef, keep up dah music doe but ur soft dnt forget dat no rep no history .

 The guy Above (2012-02-08 at 05:22:51)
 No offence but your a prick..even if this boy is moist the tune iss arrrd!! go and get a life and some talent you internet wankster!!!! suck your mudda!!! .

 warz (2012-02-08 at 06:54:57)
 fuck u niggas show some fuckin respect gemme mans makin a tune for lost n not forgetten gemme send ure bullshit some were else internet walladz do ure ting ma brudda shaka .

 dickheads (2012-02-08 at 08:35:51)
 fukin wallad niggas hatin on shax. fuk em, shax keep doing your ting, shax soon blow .

 NW NIGGA (2012-02-08 at 09:05:43)

 east all day (2012-02-08 at 09:17:54)
 Not gonna lie your mum was Sexyyyy.. RIP 2 YA MARG G... THIS tune is ard fam, im a real nigga and this tune touched me still... no1 can replace your mum... .

 me (2012-02-08 at 10:09:56)
 is this dude a paki or summit? no real niggaz in wembley lol .

 isit (2012-02-08 at 10:16:01)
 .he loks lke da walkin dead fam..lol .

 SERIOUS (2012-02-08 at 12:34:27)

 NW10 (2012-02-08 at 17:31:53)
 got give it to him on this one big fuckin tune .

 suggestions (2012-02-08 at 20:57:10)
 i like it, shax, you got talent. But listen, if you stick to deep tunes or dem grimey flows, you will get more love in the scene. All the talk biggin yourself likely wont do it for you, take this advice for what it's worth to you G, bless .

 Yeh (2012-02-09 at 14:36:33)
 This is more than music sn. .

 lol (2012-02-09 at 15:27:11)

 Latina NW (2012-02-09 at 16:05:32)
 awww you have dun your mm proud with this song!!! neva forget she mite not be here in person but shes wiv u in spirit and your heart xxx big up nweezy PYP papi xxx .

 lol (2012-02-09 at 18:45:52)
 his face is fuked .

 shax (2012-02-10 at 08:17:02)
 used to beat his mum he a wanker .

 tunes good,r.i.p his mum (2012-02-11 at 06:47:11)
 but his bruddah is a batty man#RT LOOOOL .

 WOW (2012-02-21 at 15:06:48)

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 pvmapiw (2012-12-21 at 20:20:13)
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 ukgyqbe (2012-12-24 at 01:33:23)
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 Wembley (2013-01-22 at 02:01:16)
 3shaxxxx .

 Real (2013-01-22 at 01:59:59)
 U pussys who laugh, u don know how it is without a mum, little pussys that take her for granted, suck urself! And go die .

 real (2013-02-11 at 14:25:52)
 hard tune big up .

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North West - Shax - Letter (OFFICIAL VIDEO) @ShaxOfficial @Juveeonline
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