North West Church Road - Trapstar Toxic - Look At Me Now [Music Video] @trapstar_toxic
 cr (2011-12-18 at 11:13:28)
 yo dis is Toxic my ute, bigup ma bruda goin inn .

 daddy (2011-12-18 at 17:38:49)
 doing it hard .

 elicon (2011-12-18 at 15:02:07)
 shit don't even describe this .

 cr (2011-12-18 at 13:23:55)
 loool. wa'um to evryone tryna jump on dis rap game now. U aint k joke fam. Ur rappin da same shit as every other man out there. Come better then that or lay low bruv. ur jus hotting up status. reel talk! Look at me now loooool .

 Niece (2011-12-22 at 21:14:33)
 Ye i see bare comments, bare talk! wheres your video, least toxic's tryna do suttin. i like this video keep it up ! .

 i swear this kronz yute is going ha (2011-12-19 at 15:39:06)
 i swear this kronz yute is hard check out his meek mill cover of yall dont hear me tho www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufL4kJHoDUM .

 .... (2011-12-19 at 14:35:45)
 PEOPLE IF YOU SMOKE WEED SEARCH, >>> Simple Jackson FT. Bamalam - Zoots Are Getting Me Pissed (Prod. AWL) <<<<< ON YOUTUBE .

 SHITS BORING DESE DAYS (2011-12-19 at 15:01:29)
  Same shit different youths. A bag a youths, thinking that shooting videos, with bottles of brandy,Champagne etc, talking about bussing guns merkin mans, oh and selling dope, oh yeah and man dem shouting out RIP to there fallen homies. oh yeah and dont forget man dem got to stand in front of the camera pretending to squeeze triggers. This shit is getting boring. Oh one more thing. in the video theres a bag a man all friends. But Im telling you, if one of you catches a case, and gets 15 years, 99 per cent of them wont send you doe, visit you on a regular basis, or make sure your families ok. Its just gonna be you and your family. your friends will just keep it moving. They may mention your name in a few videos....free my nigga ..... WAKE THE FUCK UP . .

 ls (2011-12-18 at 08:41:22)
 y.s is a dickhead .

 ls (2011-12-18 at 08:39:02)
 y.s is a dickhead .

 crs (2011-12-18 at 08:12:16)
 do the dam ting fuk the haters they knw what it is can get it early or late .

 grezze (2011-12-18 at 06:38:50)
 been listening to this all day .

 CHECK (2011-12-18 at 04:54:54)
 www.designerswaggaoutlet.monfruit.com .

 qwert (2011-12-18 at 04:31:17)
 i swear dis dudes called shotgun?...anyway went innn talking that real talk, keep doing your ting fam .

 real north west g (2011-12-19 at 14:17:11)
 dis guy ant on shit blood truss he is wet blood just nw he start makein a little p he is wet is wet i swear dwn no lie dnt let him fool u .

 WWW.RLPORN.COM (2011-12-19 at 13:35:32)

 2012PEAK (2011-12-19 at 10:59:24)
 pagans fe dead! .

 FUCK CHURCH ROAD (2011-12-19 at 06:55:59)
 Bunch of paigons fuck toxic mind i dont touch your skin .

 northsyd (2011-12-19 at 07:16:09)
 dis tracks decent .

 northsyd (2011-12-19 at 07:25:02)
 dis tracks decent .

 northsyd (2011-12-19 at 07:26:08)
 dis tracks decent .

 instrumental (2011-12-19 at 05:48:44)
 whats it called? .

 toxix tv (2011-12-20 at 14:03:46)
 suscribe to my channels snm .

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 north girl agen l.f.m (2012-04-06 at 22:47:01)
 u shudda tucked your chain in your jumper...u wodda had more buzz .

 north girl agen l.f.m (2012-04-06 at 22:48:56)
 if your not angry on the track dont ride it.... the beat dont compliment your voice. not that beat sorry .

 AlkakVono (2012-11-09 at 05:48:26)
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North West Church Road - Trapstar Toxic - Look At Me Now [Music Video] @trapstar_toxic
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