Northwest Artist STARCY - freestyle
 GRIMECRITIC (2009-10-05 at 13:43:26)
 wow thats gotta contender for worst opening line this year "some man like chicken some come in like kentucky"???????????MOIST .

 Your Name: (2009-10-05 at 20:38:03)
 WTF.......... "I don't even like intros I just like getting str8 to da point" that i'm moist!!!! Bruv this ting not 4 u!!! .

 Your Name: (2009-10-05 at 20:39:51)
 School Yrd..... .

 streetspeaker (2009-10-06 at 05:22:11)
 iam actually listening to dis guy flow n its da shit, i guess u lot aint ready 2 hear stuff other den ur "typical" gang bangin, n bandanas lol---funny name but keep it up kid .

 al spec (2009-10-06 at 05:28:18)
 fucking stop rapping u clown .

 al spec (2009-10-06 at 05:28:26)
 fucking stop rapping u clown .

 the judge (2009-10-07 at 09:37:43)
 LOOOL This guy is shit! dickhead .

 ummm (2009-10-09 at 00:40:34)
 I see dis nigga round still..not as bad like dat doe.... .

 loool (2009-12-05 at 19:45:36)
 loooooool what part of nw is he frm .

 gangstar (2010-01-21 at 16:01:54)
 dis guy cannot afford the tenner a week .

 michelle lpool (2011-07-30 at 10:03:26)
 i like this video .

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Northwest Artist STARCY - freestyle
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