Ny - Sea Sick [ music video]
 jay jay (2009-11-19 at 20:14:07)
 ny is sxy .

 ummm (2009-11-20 at 02:44:20)
 well da song ok, ill put my cock in her in a couple scenes (she luks buttas in da ova scenes) but yeh overall gets a nice big WWAAASSSSHHHHH from MOI .

 CEO (2009-11-20 at 12:18:15)

 don LY (2009-11-20 at 15:38:18)
 yh she's doin her thing she's got a hard voice...nd as for u ummm all u can do is wank ova dis so dat will neva happen so get a life u 10 yr old .

 C.O.G-watch out 4 dat movement (2009-11-20 at 16:16:04)
 shes got talent..americans need 2 sign her fast! .

 oi (2009-11-20 at 18:37:20)
 she needs to learn how to move her mouth .

 Dean (2009-11-20 at 21:03:05)
 nah 4real she is BUTTERS,singing is MEDIOCRE. .

 gui (2009-11-22 at 12:35:16)
 ill buy her all the loui n gui she wants .

 gui (2009-11-22 at 12:35:28)
 ill buy her all the loui n gui she wants .

 Eagle-eye (2009-11-22 at 23:22:44)
 Anyone spot chipmunk walking behind her, during the street scene (prada hat) are they on the same label or what? .

 GHETTO (2009-11-22 at 23:43:27)

 SKEPTA BOY BETTER NO!! (2009-11-23 at 18:28:44)
 dont bout mans girl like dat .

 hard boy (2009-11-24 at 12:12:17)
 i fuked this gally .

 =D (2009-11-26 at 10:47:14)
 kul nuh mariah carey .

 stop hatin u scrubs (2009-11-27 at 12:10:35)
 lol butters yeah??? I bet she's nicer than all ur wifeys lolol!! n shes a great singer u punks. NYs been holding it down 4 yeaaaaaarrs. .

 aj (2009-12-21 at 11:02:17)
 wat does chipmunk just follow her around all do tyme lol .

 L (2010-01-08 at 07:46:02)
 Songs shit. I know much better singers .

 dntworry (2010-01-22 at 12:24:17)
 wileys baby mums lookin alrite still .

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Ny - Sea Sick [ music video]
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