Oh No!! A 1 vs 1 Fight Turns Into a 10 vs 10 Crazy Fight Stop The Violence - Its Gets Crazy
 2905A640 (2012-06-19 at 16:58:04)
 lets get dat money people so u get at me nuff sed .

 poor fighting skills (2012-07-23 at 01:42:10)
 that aint crazy. .

 Trizzy DJ (2012-06-28 at 19:14:56)
  "Beyonce Party Trizzy Remix" Youtube .

 Trizzy DJ (2012-06-28 at 19:15:08)
  "Beyonce Party Trizzy Remix" Youtube .

 Trizzy DJ (2012-06-28 at 19:15:31)
  "Beyonce Party Trizzy Remix" Youtube .

 realist (2012-07-26 at 04:39:11)
 that nigga with the wolly hat and braids who came on a hype AFTER the ting done #pussy .

 black cockney whu till i die (2012-06-25 at 09:57:25)
 fuckin stupid yanks they think dat its ok to say the nigga all da time n own guns n shit but when it comes down to it thare fuckin pussys if one of dem lost manners n called me a nigger id kill him even if he had 5 man v one and was black .

 real (2012-06-22 at 11:20:55)
 only reason america is more mad is cause EVERYONE HAS A FUCKIN GUN think about it and the police arnt like police ova here .

 manny g (2012-06-20 at 17:07:11)
 that guy in green shorts in black is a scrapper .

 ,lol (2012-06-20 at 17:15:22)
 looooooool, u lot think these man can fight? tjis is ho wi know 90% of man that come on here are WET and cant fight, all these lot do is move their arms in circles then punch, this is how my little sister would fight so if u rate this ur wshed rt .

 Winning (2012-06-19 at 16:24:50)
 Any1 wanna make some money serious ppl only .

 Winning (2012-06-19 at 16:26:08)
 Any1 wanna make some money serious ppl only add me on 22553de7 .

 shitttt (2012-06-19 at 17:17:11)
 cant even fight loool .

 sharp (2012-06-19 at 15:43:45)
 listen I'm from UK but I've lived in the US for 4years UK are full of pussys compared to us .

 Dick heads (2012-06-19 at 13:59:37)
 americas bigger yet i think uk is worst coz we so small yet so bad think about it dummys .

 MUST LISTEN REAL TALK (2012-06-19 at 13:20:05)
 youtube.com/watch?v=YLqpCclWZxQ youtube.com/watch?v=iQzpAoFrrCA .

 REAL TALK (2012-06-19 at 13:25:12)

 Listen (2012-06-19 at 13:42:00)
 England aint on it like dem man sorry! They just live that lifestyle daily! .

 what a load of bs (2012-06-19 at 10:52:39)
 hold the fucking camera still! .

 Samsung Tab (2012-06-19 at 07:50:16)
 Meanwhile, in the ozone layer... . .

 NIGGAZ LOOL... (2012-06-19 at 09:01:48)
 Just cant fight on there own can they awwww .

 Real Talk (2012-06-19 at 06:54:10)
 Allow the black on black beefing it's not necessary. But it's better it be a fist fight than a stabbing or shootout *shrugs* .

 bunky (2012-06-19 at 06:58:35)
 bunky has got the shits today, think its food poisoning .. not cool but on another note.. this was very entertaining but the title is misleading as fuck.. exaggerated more than pippa middletons bum... .

 SUM SKET (2012-06-19 at 07:38:28)
 28A65696 .

 kraze24 (2012-06-19 at 06:46:39)
 who want sum nigga.. FIRST .

 pussies (2012-06-20 at 06:36:54)
 check the way they boxing pussies fight like man .

 BLACK PEOPLE (2012-06-20 at 06:58:19)

 realest of talks (2012-06-20 at 12:00:25)
 only blacks that go hard in a swingers are dem americans ones. everyone knows the white nutty mandem are da hardest in a swingers over here by a long stretch an thats the fuckin truth .

 NW ALL DAY (2012-06-20 at 12:41:29)
 ^^^^^^^^^^^ REAL TALK ^^^^^^^^^^^ .

 in uk (2012-06-20 at 16:05:05)
 the caribbeans can fight, africans can fight, eastern europeans can fight, irish can fight but british white cant fight bunch of fags drinkin tea an watchin jeremy kyle .

 Anti americanist (2012-06-24 at 21:00:29)
 Look at these hill Billy's looool fuck you Americans shit country .

 lol (2012-06-24 at 20:25:46)
 shirts vs skins you know .

 lorenzo (2013-01-14 at 07:41:14)
 look at the words u britsh fucks use when ur mad prick,wanker,cunt,dick head,etc... real intimidating lmao!!!!!!! .

 lorenzo (2013-01-14 at 07:34:39)
 u british need to shut up,u niggas dont fight,im from miami and now stays in london and dont shit happen here like it do in america!!!!!! .

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 210FD0E6 (2013-04-17 at 22:55:05)
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