Oh No!! Lil Boy Smashing Frying Pan Over Womens Head In a Fight - Then His Out
 1st (2012-08-02 at 08:55:34)
 finally 1st hold tight brum niggaz .

 Tottenham Generalll (2012-08-02 at 08:59:19)
 2nd BMT .

 Smiler Got Robbed by Johny GUNZZ (2012-08-02 at 09:01:36)
 Johnny Gunns & dru Blu Robbed & smacked up smiler from tottenham. Check d link on www.GRMdaily.com/Smilergetsrobbed .

 dickhead tmegs (2012-08-03 at 05:40:50)
 just because worldstar love degrading blacks dont mean u should follow! dick head stop promoting this ignorance!! you fat wasteman! .

 leahaaa (2012-08-03 at 05:38:53)
 i really feel for these type of negros..what kind of example ate they setting for the young generation...i hope this generation rots in the pits of hell! some ppl in the uk belong there aswell! .

 London (2012-08-02 at 12:00:56)
 yo people need to stop talkinh on chat. u need to know that 95% of the niggas on dere are from birmingham tryna act like dere from south london .

 deedy (2012-08-02 at 18:34:49)
 why the violence? why? black ppl dnt love themselves .

 hahaha (2013-02-10 at 11:21:50)
 only blacccckkkkk people wat a fucking disgraceee glad i aint blackkk .

 ftvvvvq (2012-08-02 at 14:05:00)
 get your own videos man teef up from wshh .

 tht kids a general .

 ONE TOUCH (2012-08-02 at 17:49:04)

 young buck (2012-08-05 at 10:49:02)
 doooonnnnggg! LOL. REAL LIL GOON BAG SN .

 Nopoxfugprero (2013-01-07 at 16:31:33)
 B-Body After completing the body you must proceed in something that more people tend to be on board with. * For Physicians its use is as medicine and seeds records Hills bathroom every purpose around .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-24 at 22:49:25)
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 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-26 at 20:58:07)
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 --- (2013-04-26 at 00:14:45)

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Oh No!! Lil Boy Smashing Frying Pan Over Womens Head In a Fight - Then His Out
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