Part 2 - Westwood Crib Sessions - Squeeks, Joe Black & Kaz pt1 @JoeBlackUk @squeeksTP @Kazthe1st @TimWestwoodplus+
 sara (2013-03-15 at 06:16:06)
 @ beluga ice you fucking cunt we get it he is dark skinned I dont know about you but the darker the skin the better light skin boys just dont do it for me! Joey love you xxx .

 gripz (2013-03-09 at 13:45:34)
 crazy ru the same fool thats always advertising them harrow road boys.first hoodtwinz now bloody shizzle .

 k (2013-03-03 at 04:21:49)
 k .

 m (2013-03-03 at 05:07:36)
 m .

 Crazy gone (2013-03-03 at 06:51:22)
 Wow go see shizzle new vid just dropped maaaddd .

 clapton (2013-03-05 at 16:21:09)
 yo joe black unrated maaan!!!! yo keep em comin blacks .

 Crazy (2013-03-03 at 14:13:57)
 Shizzle new ting crazy .

 Rt (2013-03-03 at 11:37:30)
 Big up joe black true black man deya the young buck went the hardest squeeks wack and saying whole bunch of nothing as usual .

 so blick lips r purple as fuck home (2013-03-03 at 16:00:55)
 Squeeks big squeeko wateva his name is wacker dan wack sum1 slap him fucking pussy hole s.m.d allday backi .

 hj (2013-03-03 at 09:43:47)
 270A6F17 shenade .

 Tulisa Pin 289902ad (2013-03-03 at 09:28:01)
 Tulisa Pin 289902ad .

 Beluga ice (2013-03-03 at 08:41:17)
 Blud joe black is sooo blickkkk famm man is too darkk yana.....his lips r fukin hugeee fam ...my man is like darkness .

 YES (2013-03-03 at 08:07:18)
 Fuk all that dizz shit class a shit neverr .

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Part 2 - Westwood Crib Sessions - Squeeks, Joe Black & Kaz pt1 @JoeBlackUk @squeeksTP @Kazthe1st @TimWestwoodplus+
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