Pounds Sterling - What My Days Like [Net Video] @poundsterling1
 brap////// (2012-11-16 at 05:29:39)
 ard shit .

 arabkingz (2012-11-16 at 05:32:35)
 uk birdman brrr brrr .

 If u don't rate dis ur wasted (2012-11-16 at 06:22:36)
 If u don't rate dis ur wasted .

 Can't wait for the rest 2 cum out (2012-11-16 at 06:23:49)
 Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd .

 Reaaaallllllll (2012-11-16 at 06:24:18)
 Reaaaaaalll .

 Boss (2012-11-16 at 06:27:37)
 Bossy vid .

 Yo (2012-11-16 at 06:29:09)
 Big man pounds .

 Real (2012-11-16 at 06:30:24)
 Only pounds makin vids like dis .

 brap////// (2012-11-16 at 06:42:46)
 thats guys got the best mix tapee apart from reale the most1 and ard bodie and ard doh .

 real talk (2012-11-16 at 09:42:59)
 youtube.com/watch?v=wHj0qYvDZ2I .

 nah (2012-11-16 at 14:08:41)

 yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh (2012-11-17 at 12:54:20)
 pound fucking dis 1 up oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow harrrrrrrrrrrrrd!!!! .

 Pound Sterling (2012-11-18 at 07:55:30)
 Pound You Pussy. We Dun Kill Off Your Bro and comming for you. You should have pay us the money!! .

 Yayo (2012-11-18 at 07:56:53)
 oh shit peak for pound .

 teza (2012-11-18 at 07:57:57)
 Where does this guy live?? I want to run up in his yard. Done run up in DVS yard already .

 DVS PDC REAL DETAILS (2012-11-18 at 08:01:14)
 St Raphs BANG, BANG!!! Real Name: Courtney Loren Hutchinson, DOB: 18-09-1984 Address: 25 Myatt Road SW9 6XF .

 Pound Sterling HIT (2012-11-18 at 08:05:00)
 PUSSY POUND!! Either Pay Us The Money Or We Gonna Shoot You In The Face Like We Shot Your Bro!! .

 Pound Dread (2012-11-18 at 08:07:35)
 What Really Happened: Change got held for ransom for 100 bags and pound was ordered to pay the money but he was chatting shit crying on the phone saying he aint got nowhere near that p. wernt no stray .

 tini (2012-11-18 at 08:08:34)
 You should of just paid them the money pound, Your bro prob would still be alive :-( .

 Real Talker (2012-11-18 at 08:10:09)
 Pound Never had any intensions of putting Change out. Its only now he is dead he is putting out hes music. Pound is selfish and all for himself .

 RIP CHANGE (2012-11-18 at 08:12:31)
 Change was Broke. Pound has been makin abit of p but has never brang his bro in on any of it. He had no love for change. Only now he is gone hes putting change music cause it sells. .

 Harder (2012-11-18 at 08:13:56)
 Pound Sterling is Shit!! Change was much better but Pound wants to be on top always, His baby bro had to die to get a shine .

 lisa a (2012-11-18 at 08:15:01)
 Pound Sould of just paid the 100,000 grand. Change would would still be here .

 pound Sterlz (2012-11-18 at 08:17:00)
 Yea thats true hes only putting change on tracks now cause he feels kinda bad for not really showing his baby bro love and didnt pay the money. Pound ur deep, Let your bro Die .

 Kidnap (2012-11-18 at 08:19:49)
 They Setup change and said there was a move for 100 bags in a yard an when change got there thy pull gun on him and got him to call pound and demand 100 bags for change life. rip change .

 money (2012-11-18 at 08:21:19)
 Pound if that was my bro i would of just paid without even thining. You can make all the p you like but you can never get another change in this life r.i.p change .

 MONEYy (2012-11-18 at 08:22:13)
 Pound if that was my bro i would of just paid without even thinking. You can make all the p you like but you can never get another change in this life r.i.p change . .

 100 Bags (2012-11-18 at 08:23:25)
 Wernt 100 bags it was 50 still .

 kevin chedder (2012-11-18 at 08:24:56)
 nah it was 100. pound was acting like a bitch all crying on the phone, they were fucking up change in the background before the head topped him. .

 yo (2012-11-19 at 18:41:36)
 thought change got shot in the head off a ricochet. his boy was bussin off the strally .

 madness (2012-11-19 at 20:07:30)

 Be Real (2012-11-20 at 09:30:37)
 Like be real? Who tests strallys in yards? No one! you do it outside or in the field. Change was Kidnapped and Pound didnt pay. .

 Be Real 2 (2012-11-20 at 10:10:03)
 Hey Let me hold this strap near your head. Like come on. Or let me shoot the wall and the bullet magically bounces into your head. Come on who tests straps in yards. He was Kidnapped for Ransom .

 dammnnn pound!! (2012-11-20 at 10:44:10)
 all these bars r a waste of time if thats what your about. bogus don .

 Pounds Sterling (2012-11-21 at 08:17:22)
 No Comment  .

 my boy (2012-11-21 at 11:44:36)
 pounds is real and you man are talking hard on the internet nah your not real .

 change (2012-11-21 at 11:49:28)
 change forever show your face pussy .

 his fake (2012-12-01 at 15:33:14)
 moist little prick his whole family is broke his making money and not sharing it out smh what is wrong with you u got ps but respect for your family is nothing plus your family are washed up waste .

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Pounds Sterling - What My Days Like [Net Video] @poundsterling1
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