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 ur all snitches (2012-11-28 at 18:07:20)

 1stt (2012-11-18 at 02:28:14)
 SHO .

 #BORN2HUSTLE (2012-11-18 at 02:43:01)
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 pdc (2012-11-18 at 06:17:47)
 pdc bang bang .

 pdc dead (2012-11-18 at 07:45:53)
 ratlin got punch up by inch infront of shak and didnt do shit .

 shak (2012-11-18 at 07:47:06)
 who is shak? hes a pussy too. Got bottled by stiggs and never ride. them man just rappers and lie in there bars .

 DVS PDC REAL DETAILS (2012-11-18 at 08:02:07)
 St Raphs BANG, BANG!!! Real Name: Courtney Loren Hutchinson, DOB: 18-09-1984 Address: 25 Myatt Road SW9 6XF .

 Oi (2012-11-18 at 09:15:48)
 Bruv ratlin is moist my boy moved to him bak in wadday n man said hes gnna do me suttin mans still waiting he ran like a bitch lol real talk .

 meek millz (2012-11-18 at 09:24:03)
 hold tite brent x .

 LOL (2012-11-18 at 10:48:40)
 Why did Inch punch up Ratlin? .

 wallyoochie (2012-11-18 at 13:22:51)
 inch wuld get fuked up u mad .

 k (2012-11-18 at 13:23:58)
 yu nigggas be lyin .

 It's not a lie (2012-11-18 at 14:26:15)
 Inch did punch Ratlin in the face in a takeaway in Harrow Road .

 lol @ "shak not real" (2012-11-18 at 14:37:49)
 Shak corleone has killed 5+ people. He most recently shot terms on his doorstep point blank headshot, then laughed about it later. .

 WEST WEST (2012-11-18 at 15:22:40)
 inch punch ratlin u neeks give me jokes ratlin aint been punched or touched man sayin he ran aswell he not a runner real man dem on da roads no ratty aint no runner if thats the case tell inch to punch me up my name beans n im from mozart im waitin pussy cum to my hood HRB .

 gfv (2012-11-18 at 15:34:59)
  add this hoe 26c11d9f .

 fgg (2012-11-18 at 15:36:13)
 28770e7b add her .

 df (2012-11-18 at 15:38:49)
 27dde48b tasha .

 rggvn (2012-11-18 at 15:48:36)
 Jodie 2a20afd8 .

 @ WEST WEST (2012-11-18 at 16:06:25)
 Inch punched Ratlin in the face in a Carribean take away in NW10 Ratlin wasn't on doing nuttin back forget the name of the takeway it's by Harrow Road NW10 there was a brudda from Mozart who punched Ratlin in the face too back in the day. He got beat up by TN1 yutes from Tulse last year too. .

 TV (2012-11-18 at 16:44:57)
 take some of these comments offline, dry snitching at its best .

 beans (2012-11-18 at 17:47:29)
 man dem dry snitchin no 1 touched ratlin my name beans im from zart tel inch n the rest of u paigonz holla me no 1 touched ratlin man hatein ratlin coz man doin tings were in the streets i remember wen inch got punched up buy totty utes .

 @ beans (2012-11-18 at 17:56:20)
 C'mon son everyone kno it happened Inch has badded up and violated some way more serious and real Gz than Ratlin u gotta remember Inch been around from time .

 @@ WEST WEST (2012-11-19 at 00:43:18)
 the yute from mozart that punched ratlin got chased out the same day you forgot to add that as well you liar LOL .

 THIS THE TRUTH #BMT (2012-11-19 at 04:49:58)
 Ratlin got snuffed by some guy called Ambition from warrick, he used to roll with a couple zart guys but he got chased out straight when he banged him and he did get banged my Inch. #truth .

 Yo (2012-11-19 at 11:58:15)
 He lies to much the hole hood laugh at him soft .

 banger (2012-11-19 at 13:22:50)
  kb rhodes ft tion wayne - louie bag gone ..... fukin banger . .

 WWEEESSSTT (2012-11-19 at 14:14:56)

 Beanz ur moist (2012-11-19 at 16:01:57)
 Dnt chat u moist u been badded up couple time and ambition not from mozey hes from swiss .

 inch (2012-11-19 at 18:20:46)
 Yeh inch punched ratlin...but shak was in pen at the time...if it happened now, inch would hold shots...bikers away and inch is washed. .

 ^^^^ (2012-11-19 at 20:13:06)
 Inch owns a barber shop no way way is that washed and he been doing his road ting from way back in da mid 90's before rap music anyone from da roads in South will tell u they heard of Inch for puttin in work but u can't say dat about Ratlin .

 man do their homework (2012-11-21 at 07:02:38)
 Ambition is from mozart he just gets it in in swiss,camden and warwick .

 james (2012-11-22 at 16:18:18)
 lbg st marks all day family .

 Ratlin (2012-11-22 at 21:32:31)
 Ambition can't come Mozart after he banged me he baned from harrow road when I see him or any my team it's peak for him .

 AD (2012-11-23 at 14:07:11)

 da w9 loud man ls up (2012-11-24 at 12:10:27)
 rats u went in my bruver 1 LOVE .

 BURNZ ROAD NW10 (2012-11-28 at 09:11:16)

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