Rave In @Warehouse Club Bristol! - In SimzCity launch party - Girls, Twerk, Fun
 someone (2012-08-17 at 05:07:58)
 someone got killed outside .

 00000 (2012-08-17 at 05:08:24)
 ooo .

 YOUTUBE VIEWS (2012-08-17 at 06:08:53)

 size (2012-08-17 at 06:53:22)
 the dj is shit .

 oioioi (2012-08-17 at 09:18:29)
 dis rave is deaaaaaaad worse than bigga fish .

 MUCKS BIN LADEN (2012-08-17 at 09:33:28)
 mandem moving scatty in dis rave, looks ded out .

 ... (2012-08-17 at 19:36:49)
 lol every1 looks bored, deadout rave .

 SUCK YOUR DEAD RELATIVES (2012-08-17 at 20:48:29)
 Why are man watchin the vid hating for, sad guys .

 deader dan death (2012-08-18 at 02:39:58)
 rave looks absolutely deaaaadddd, wuddave had more fun at a 10 year old party...and i think the chicks have no right to be singing 'one man to my pumpum yeahh' ya liars .

 fuck bristol (2012-08-18 at 06:34:14)
 was this a memorial service fucking hell!!! soooo deaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!they love the london tunes dem! .

 Margs (2012-08-17 at 12:14:08)
 lol this is worster than the london ones .

 Margs (2012-08-17 at 12:14:09)
 lol this is worster than the london ones .

 Wat da fuck is dis (2012-08-17 at 11:10:48)
 Realtalk prop a tryna cat da way London rave, man are still jumping round like a bunch of monkeys, dead out chicks aswell, BRISTOL, leeeeeeeave it yeah. .

 sho (2012-08-17 at 04:59:42)
 rave looks dead .

 dntwatch (2012-08-17 at 13:30:52)

 bocat Black brudda (2012-08-20 at 19:14:46)
 This brudda suck pussy like there is not 2morrow, 29471e3a .

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Rave In @Warehouse Club Bristol! - In SimzCity launch party - Girls, Twerk, Fun
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