RawTiD TV - English Gyals Love Jamaica - Vote True Or False??
 no fam (2009-09-29 at 03:26:51)
 statement is false...english girls dont love jamaica,,,just the slutty looking white girls like the one u see in this video...the chubby type...the white man dont want,any girl that lets her pussy get touched up when u spose to be jus danceing is a hoe...feel me' .

 ... (2009-09-29 at 04:09:32)
 she aint english shes canadian... she claims to be jamaican born but she aint .

 Cia'Staaarh (2009-09-29 at 10:26:57)
 Duttyy Hoe !! Whyy She Fi Do Dat Rasclaarttt Hoe ! .

 . (2009-09-29 at 10:44:20)
 there are such a thing as slutty black chikz aswell yah dun kno! Blak chikz can be worse thank white ya get me fam? .

 LOL (2009-09-29 at 16:41:37)
 Ya dun know da white gyal like yard man, Jamaians do it da ardest, can' tell me nuttin .

 Di (2009-09-30 at 00:41:36)
 tru sum gals beg bein black n chat shit bout der back ground wen der full and 100% english .

 truuuuuuuuuuuuue (2009-09-30 at 12:14:04)
 english ride cock they give head good aswell .

 whitey (2009-10-01 at 04:40:04)
 there r bear slutty black chicks that suck dick .

 j (2009-10-01 at 06:39:47)
 black gyal are da biggest hoes trus .

 Bristolman (2009-10-01 at 18:12:44)
 all gyal r ho's neva trus no gyal .

 she love negro dick iiniit (2009-10-03 at 18:39:48)
  she on gettin rampo by blak dick!!! some white chiks onli even do blak man onli i come across a few ov dem that aint even attracted 2 dere white mandem... .

 the eyes undress (2009-10-06 at 19:24:30)
 yard man are scary evan if they are jus passin a gyal a zoot real talk .

 ur dum (2009-10-11 at 13:53:36)
 dat bitch aint even full white u niggaz .

 WHITE GIRL. (2010-10-27 at 15:34:31)
 Im white and i been brought up surrounded by black people, black cock is best aint gonna lie! white cock to small.. haha but still u can find hoes everywhere in every race not jutst white people. .

 all gal (2009-11-04 at 03:29:54)
 u can find hoes all over the world so u cant say white gal are hoes .

 N33SH43 (2009-12-06 at 07:36:28)

 GOD SON (2009-12-22 at 14:33:47)

 africa (2010-01-08 at 18:11:53)
 lol this web seat full of black ppl man fuk tat .

 wooooow (2010-05-15 at 20:39:36)
 bakoff .

 Serkan Santana (2010-06-10 at 19:15:30)
 blackDog girls hahaha err facebook dat .

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 Skiipz (2012-10-15 at 18:53:39)
 rasclart hoe but id still beat tht sn# .

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RawTiD TV - English Gyals Love Jamaica - Vote True Or False??
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