@RitzArtistUk 'HARD WORK FREESTYLE' (AUDIO) East London
 bumba (2012-05-13 at 05:32:03)
 nah dat bar was ard cant lie man said bars like coursework deadlines jheeeez .

 commentator (2012-05-12 at 21:52:12)
 when ritz goes in he goes the fuck in. he fucking ripped this too pieces when is the video cuming out? personally i think he ripped this more than Asco, Joe Black and Squeeks?? u agree people .

 brickydon (2012-05-12 at 21:49:38)
 ritz got mad work rate u know. take him in as well he said .... ask the french if i take the PISS oui oui (WEE WEE) ... you got bars like COURSEWORK ... DEADLINES jheeeeeeeeez .

 mad sam (2012-05-12 at 19:25:03)
 dunno hackney boi!! .

 yayo (2012-05-12 at 18:42:17)
 he is ard better then sqeeks .

 yayo (2012-05-12 at 18:43:24)

 yayo (2012-05-12 at 18:47:05)
 fuck this wet yut he soooo shit he must bee smokin dubz get money pussy .

 donau (2012-05-12 at 11:34:59)
 What u lot no bout liam .

 iloveritz (2012-05-12 at 11:34:00)
 Donnnnnnnnnn! I told them I'm not playing like my name was tevez .

 boss (2012-05-12 at 11:31:03)
 He went in still .

 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (2012-05-12 at 11:32:27)

 some neek (2012-05-12 at 11:19:09)
 this guys wet .

 RealTalk (2012-05-13 at 12:20:20)
 this guys shit ona bmt he used to get moisted in school listening to his flow hes just completely shit, talks krudd but aint griped on nun, #wetyute .

 W10 (2012-05-13 at 11:45:06)

 aaaaah (2012-05-15 at 18:10:48)
 just another white kid wishing every night how he would love to be black .. .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-25 at 19:26:58)
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@RitzArtistUk \'HARD WORK FREESTYLE\' (AUDIO) East London
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