SB.TV - Dats A Wrap - Welcome Back - Nandos Black Card - Flo Rida - [S5.EP1]
 wad upp (2012-11-19 at 06:12:10)
 doughhhh .

 brap////// (2012-11-19 at 08:17:16)
 i hate this cunt, he likes the to suck off white rapper in the past no real niggers fuck with hes cunt face .

 ronnie (2012-11-19 at 11:12:50)
 dis boy is too dumb, man cant even call himself black, chattin about light skin boy, i feel sorry 4 dis type of breddianz .

 real talk (2012-11-19 at 11:13:37)
 youtube.com/watch?v=wHj0qYvDZ2I .

 bliaz (2012-11-19 at 13:00:10)
 why does rhymes rap with his eyes close .

 REBELART.SE (2012-11-19 at 13:06:10)

 banger (2012-11-19 at 13:18:12)
  kb rhodes ft tion wayne - louie bag gone ..... fukin banger . .

 cipher.. (2012-11-20 at 10:35:50)
 last rapper was shiiite. but you all know this already. so, i digress lol .

 lool (2012-11-20 at 13:26:53)
 Poet's funny man dunno why so many people hate just dont watch it if u dont like it but he's a joker when he starts chatting shit its the funniest thing every time .

 Lee (2012-11-20 at 13:43:49)
 1) so glad this breddah is back 2) more happy he linked up with Mr Black Entertainment UK Jamal Edwards. Good look .

 @ ronnie (2012-11-20 at 23:57:47)
 Typical dark black hater,,,,if u got an issue bleach your skin n look like a zombie,,,,lights don't care bout u dumb haters anymore ur boring!! Anyway poet is annoying as hell I bet he don't get pussy .

 shak (2012-11-22 at 11:13:22)
 lol i skipped the bit with the dead yatt doing the hoola hooping , no need really .

 Bus wanker (2012-11-23 at 23:01:31)
 Pointless video and I need to piss but I'm scared to leave my room cause it's dark n the boot man might be outside. .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-25 at 11:52:58)
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SB.TV - Dats A Wrap - Welcome Back - Nandos Black Card - Flo Rida - [S5.EP1]
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