SB.TV - Dats A Wrap - Where is Funky House? - Chip - [S5.EP5] @officialchip @PoetsCornerUK
 flocka (2012-12-16 at 11:47:03)
 i was expecting this episode 2 b out nx week anyways chipmunk is a sell out im glad i was never a fan of his music lol u can tell wen chipmunk was lookin at dem gay snapbacks he was like these shits r ugly .

 OLD KENT ROAD (2012-12-16 at 07:28:07)
 STP. .

 ......... (2012-12-16 at 07:07:13)
 for real chipmunk is too shit now he don't rep dis country like u sud with all this bull shit he's putting out fucking big head .

 ---- (2012-12-16 at 06:56:31)
 is chipmunk serious - your music's shit .

 SMH (2012-12-18 at 13:43:58)
 cant wear hermes belt wid them garms its wrong .

 lol (2012-12-16 at 10:44:06)
 catting da dyke bitch from x-factor -___- p.s b original .

 Positive (2012-12-16 at 08:59:10)
 Poet corner always talking tha truth foreal dis guy is kool 4real .

 WARNER (2012-12-16 at 06:49:51)

 First (2012-12-16 at 06:54:29)
 Suck out .

 Rtm (2012-12-17 at 09:42:46)
 Chipmunks new rapping doesn't sound genuine enough he should stick to pop music fuck entertaining losers .

 real g (2012-12-20 at 18:53:17)
 this guy talks so much shit its unreal. go get a life don. study or something. people lost hope in life just resulting in doing anything. guys talking a bag of dog shit. come on san .

 29606856 (2012-12-22 at 14:52:57)
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SB.TV - Dats A Wrap - Where is Funky House? - Chip - [S5.EP5] @officialchip @PoetsCornerUK
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