SMH! Guy Starts Beating Up Girl Like a Real Sucker - Jumps Her - Stop The Violence
 Bruv (2012-06-26 at 16:18:11)
 There trannies .

 dat guy is sickminded (2012-06-25 at 07:58:02)
 dat guy is sickminded proper hitting her lyk some man .

 lol (2012-06-21 at 08:15:10)
 black people r so weak they cant fight 4 shit .

 lol (2012-06-21 at 08:15:30)
 women beater .

 loooool (2012-06-21 at 08:16:14)
 pussy .

 Anthony (2012-06-21 at 08:17:08)
 He must be gay. Gay men think they're women as well, so it's logical to say that this guy, or shall I say woman, beat the other woman because he thinks he's a woman. .

 raage (2012-06-21 at 08:37:36)
 this guy is absolute moist he needs some beating real fast real talk .

 lol (2012-06-21 at 09:08:49)
 thats probabbly his oldest hoe dat bitch disrespected !!!!!!! .

 yct (2012-06-21 at 10:08:06)
 no behaviour .

 loooooooooool (2012-06-22 at 06:51:27)

 typical blacky (2012-06-22 at 07:03:17)
 they still treat eachother like slaves .

 RA (2012-06-22 at 09:32:52)
 crackers make me laugh. they act like they hate black people but they're always on black music sites typing racist comments. sad fuckers! .

 bhenchod (2012-06-22 at 16:45:40)
 i hope them black people pass awy .

 why..... (2012-06-22 at 16:47:36)
 black people like this??? .

 fukman (2012-06-22 at 16:48:13)
 i hate them why :( .

 tht guy needs (2012-06-22 at 16:48:32)
 tht guy needs die .

 jas (2012-06-22 at 16:49:14)
 asada .

 psyy (2012-06-22 at 16:49:27)
 fukling pussy bocat .

 fuk (2012-06-22 at 16:49:46)
 nigger need get bruck up pussi fi ded .

 fhj (2012-06-22 at 19:25:49)
 Anyone who rates this or thinks it is some how ok is a brainwashed dumb little kid that deserves to be spat on. Imagine that was your mum or sister???? Bunch of scumbags on here manipulated by the media see how far it gets you .

 scumbag (2012-06-22 at 19:28:29)
 How is this a "black site" firstly isnt it owned by a white guy? Secondly its for dumb youngers like yourself dont even know why i come on here grime has gone down hill n a bunch of pussyhole 12yr olds commenting on this .

 LOOOOOOL (2012-06-22 at 06:17:42)
 stop wid da black this black that .

 pussys (2012-06-21 at 13:46:07)
 the guy recording is a dickhead aswell .

 Leaha Lighty (2012-06-21 at 13:30:59)
 Dick head!!1 Black people of this generation are so saddd!! How can any man justify beating up a woman! and the pussyhole chichi man looking in the camera while smiling fi get gun shot!! A bunch of grown people jumping a woman who is defenseless real pussyholes the lot of them .

 add 291C9F87 (2012-06-21 at 11:41:15)
 !00% certy uk deats, 3 for 60 add that!!! .

 good for him (2012-06-21 at 11:47:54)
 nuttin like abit of wife beatin to end ur night .

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SMH! Guy Starts Beating Up Girl Like a Real Sucker - Jumps Her - Stop The Violence
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