Sadie, Shola Ama & Donatelle - Talk about Wrecth 32 and what type of guys they like
 sadie ama (2009-10-29 at 02:46:39)
 will get it .

 dsn (2009-10-29 at 07:51:15)
 ill fuck all 3 of them in there ass .

 looool (2009-10-29 at 08:10:54)
 dsn ur sick!!!! only on spiff boi .

 yes (2009-10-29 at 15:48:58)
 they are each bearing my child .

 Internet G (2009-10-29 at 16:24:45)
 They all tried to rape me once, truss me .

 lol (2009-10-29 at 16:43:13)
 To many man talk how they would bang gyal hard n that, but reality check when giving the chance you probz wouldnt be able to satify any of them .

 THE AMA SISTERS GOT BATTRIED BY WRE (2009-10-31 at 02:46:40)

 strait up hoes (2009-11-05 at 13:27:06)
 who in north weezy hasent banged sadie?? lol!! washed up next... .

 lool (2009-11-08 at 14:53:48)
 sadie tried gass it, sly hoe lol .

 real talk (2009-11-08 at 19:32:31)
 shez not a sly hoe shez a BIG bate 1 in nw10 .

 sadie dats old newz (2009-11-15 at 10:29:42)
 i fucked sadie she cant handle dick an she's a coke ead pecknaam all day .

 Bussa (2010-08-31 at 15:06:31)
 Coke heads, I hate these hoes .

 mmm (2010-03-09 at 15:52:57)
 ill have both off uuu woow .

 @ big dick (2010-08-05 at 13:16:12)
 yeh yeh .

 big dick (2010-06-15 at 03:58:54)
 i cud handle all 3 of dem easy .

 hjkd (2010-06-20 at 12:18:20)
 hjsd .

 eerm (2010-06-20 at 12:18:59)
 i would beat all 3 of dem .

 loool (2010-11-26 at 06:09:17)
 the 3rd comment .

 Eeediyat! (2010-12-20 at 13:08:36)
 Ummmmmmm!! Donatella needs to get dealt wid fam and both dem sisters at once ide dog all three of em! .

 yardman (2011-02-18 at 21:24:35)
 id lick out all tree ah dem .

 sadie (2011-02-25 at 11:08:01)
 dont get it twisted sadie is a big hoe loooooooooool.....i remember when her ex got rushed in KG when he try hold a gun to bashy.....or there was that brudda (no names) that took your virginity lol .

 JACOB (2012-04-04 at 10:18:53)
 high path piroy cloes south wimbedon .

 Nopoxfugprero (2013-01-08 at 04:44:20)
 In comparison, the more conservative East Coast has a growers, to cannabis or are materials to successfully grow their medicine. Thoroughly wet a newspaper bath towel advantage any you inches access o .

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Sadie, Shola Ama & Donatelle - Talk about Wrecth 32 and what type of guys they like
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