Scorcher- It's My Time (Official)
 abdi (2010-10-17 at 18:32:53)
 yes hold it down scorch .

 n17 (2010-08-15 at 08:30:36)
 he just signed a million pound record deal say no more .

 loooooooooool (2010-07-27 at 17:06:31)
 this guy scorcher is a pussio .

 GRIMECRITIC (2010-07-13 at 18:09:25)
 hell 2 da no..this is terrible you should cater to the original fanbase everyone cant be like ndubz .

 fail (2010-07-13 at 18:19:06)
 nigga come off this superhero shit, wot u fink this is G.I JOE, you tried but failed, no hate .

 real talk (2010-07-13 at 19:00:36)
 every nigga frm da hood is out for da cash. dere is NO cash in fukin hood shit so man needs 2 expand his tingz 2 make da p. cos ask every nigga looks 2 get out da hood n dis is how my man has 2 make is p n duss frm dat hood shit n make real papes. SO NIGGAZ STOP H8IN N GET UR FUKIN CAKE UP!!! .

 truss me (2010-07-13 at 19:04:31)
 da tunez ard scorcher soon 2 blow .

 say nutting (2010-07-13 at 19:13:52)
 inspirational shit now no point of spitting bout murdering man ! high ratingz all u mann r hatterz .

 he cattin (2010-07-13 at 19:40:36)
 he cattin fabolous its my time .

 best scorcher in a hot minit (2010-07-13 at 22:07:09)
 tunes positve which people in n out da hood will like, but at da same time still got da catchy element. i take my hat off to u but dont take dis da rong way, its very proud to be black song showing ambition but if u was to add other culters n legends from diffrent backgrounds in the mix the tune will relate to an even bigger audience. every1 in uk c's the talent but u need to think global. .

 dis only a comparison (2010-07-13 at 22:15:57)
 jus imagine a feast bringin diffrent culters together, every race of man but then theres only a guy turnin up wiv pie n mash.the white man would be over da moon but im sure it wouldnt be every 1 else 1st choice. but den imagine a feast wiv pie n mash from da white bruda, curry goat from da blak bruda super noodle from da china man, curry from da asians, n so on .... every1 would get a taste of the best from all over in 1 feast. london/uk the only place in the world dat can make dis happen... u man jus need to relize. .

 Soowoo (2010-07-14 at 03:43:24)
 Scorcher Shit!! Done .

 mr skn (2010-07-14 at 04:12:05)
 skkken dont no wat the hell u lot are sayin find scorchr and clash wite him u wud get merked so shut up .

 wow (2010-07-14 at 04:29:56)
 wow dis is a a bait cat of fabolous and jeremiah e shuld low it .

 mudting (2010-07-14 at 04:59:30)

 SooWOoo Mozy!! (2010-07-14 at 08:22:29)
 Hes goin in hard all u haters do not kno bout music dnt hate on the don made gd music frm looong time b4 u haters new bout uk hiphop scorch num1 truss no lie .

 haters (2010-07-14 at 09:03:52)
 never liked scorcher buh nolie hes doin hes ting .

 NorthwesCity (2010-07-14 at 10:07:21)
 Cant Knock Him He's Trying To Blow... Inspirational Tune..Meks You Feel Like You Can Make It Somewhere... .

 Hmmmm (2010-07-14 at 10:34:44)
 He goin in on this but scorcher ur from the streets dont try doo a n dubz only pussies doo n dubz .

 yo (2010-07-14 at 11:42:47)
 he going commercial or sutttin .

 u cnt hate (2010-07-14 at 22:18:56)
 if u can hate on this ur jus saddd .

 NW FINEST (2010-07-15 at 12:53:17)

 North weezy Don (2010-07-15 at 15:19:58)
 i used to rate scorcher back in da day wen he was on da greezy talk lik 'shotgun lift man over two van fuck leg shots man a got new plans open a boys headtop like soup cans' dat shit dere made me buss my ting at one rave but thats jus me i can see what hes goin for he'll probably make a little drink of this one so u cant knock dat some ppl jus come on here to hate .

 CHEESY (2010-07-16 at 11:59:57)
 diz guy tinkz his rocky sit down aint ur tym to do nuttin .

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