Scorcher ft Loick Essien- I Don't Care - Official Video - @scorcherslife
 calm (2012-12-22 at 03:43:36)
 track alright still .

 kmtttttttttttttttt (2012-12-22 at 04:31:57)
  all dese guys on ere talkin bout add me add me money moves are jokers..... they cum 2 u wid some sideways buisness tellin u 2 pay 1st then they will do business :S fuuuuuuuk dat they jus tryna bump . .

 kmtttttttttttttttt (2012-12-22 at 04:32:11)
 they neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever wana see face to face.............. Fuck outta here . .

 29606856 (2012-12-22 at 14:08:43)
 Wanna make p's?, its fully legit You invest some money and I give you double for your money, just add me if yoou wanna know more on how to do it just add me fully legit get adding pep asap!! 29606856 .

 real talk (2012-12-22 at 17:39:12)
 if u dnt care then who does coz u make a tune about it we dnt care keep ur shit tunes to ur self scorcher n bring back some good music like simpley the best n leaders of the new school shit .

 Not feeling it (2012-12-23 at 06:40:07)
 Stay in ur pane scorcher, ur riding drakes dick on dis one .

 yoyo (2012-12-27 at 07:30:51)
 im not ass this track good man nd Loick Essien wow this is your best track keep it up bro .

 Nice (2012-12-29 at 16:34:54)
 Not even a fan to tuff but this is the best I've heard from scorcher, good ft too .

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Scorcher ft Loick Essien- I Don\'t Care - Official Video - @scorcherslife
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