Scorchers Life Episode 1 - Up North
 stop actingg (2010-04-18 at 20:18:10)
 y are man sendin theats over internet...broadbandgangsters behaveee mannn .

 FUCK U PUssy (2010-03-07 at 14:28:07)
 all the niggas hyping about they punching up man is gassed cause when mans put the ting to one of ur heads u man ent saying nuttin SNM .

 Rg (2010-02-27 at 10:02:18)
 The Next Artist That Comes Down to Reading for Selants is getting punched up like scorcher did SNM .

 YOUT GYALZ (2010-02-24 at 06:53:16)
 Baaaare chipmunk's jump offs crying over da nigga.. Plz people dont let ur daughters become like some of these.. Big up scorch doh but when he gets big gals screaming n jumping for him I'll respect him more.. these gals are young already gassed in da head... .

 lol (2010-02-24 at 09:01:52)
 first a lipsin ting then a topless thing ? .

 LOL (2011-03-07 at 15:38:38)
 i would bang out for that hat, fuck a chic .

 lol (2013-01-16 at 05:29:49)
 hes a pussy real niggas know .

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Scorchers Life Episode 1 - Up North
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