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 expose (2010-04-07 at 13:53:11)
  i luv da rap game. bare man are good rappers, but man aint real. temp man is on dis road ting, but hes a bully....used 2 feel his bars, but hes kinda weak now...he dont talk sense. dvs is hard.....lyrically...and is on dis road ting but he went ADT school and went jail for forcing youts to do gay shit. tru stories....inch got knocked out cold in hmp brixton....dat was funny....saw it wiv my own eyes....by dat east yout....blade brown went graveney, dat was a soft school and u wasnt hard then, so hw hard can u b now....i rememba when man rushed ur bredrin in front of u and u didnt do nuffin...alie?....k koke went copland school, does dat make him a snitch? lol.....sqwilla da gorrilla was a puppy in ernest bevin school...green tie....not a pussy, but very quiet...not a threat...blade is only known on harbut road...noone in junction fucked wiv him before rap....not a trapstar..rapstar....MORE EXPOSES COMING . .

 real (2010-04-07 at 06:13:47)
 Fantastic .

 be serious (2010-04-07 at 06:41:18)
 cuz these fuckin f.o.b niggers are washed.some any guys from blu borough.cunts .

 BE SERIOUS (2010-04-07 at 07:26:00)

 yep (2010-04-07 at 07:34:34)
 big movements big up to click replay keep it up .

 i do not like this guy (2010-04-07 at 07:42:33)
 i do not like this guy spiff i strongly urge u to take him off of dis website, he is not funny and all ur doing is making enemies for him. i for 1 am going to cause him harm (fracturing body parts) if i see this cunt when i am doing my daily spifftv rounds. Thank You Very Much .

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 Jheezeee! (2010-04-17 at 14:30:37)
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 Spiff jokes-expose (2010-04-08 at 22:29:24)
 i know hes for real. most guys who act hard only do so peeps dont boy them. .

 REAL TALK (2010-04-08 at 21:01:05)

 real talk (2010-04-07 at 18:00:19)
 dvs is shit he just cats bare bars ..listen caarefully .

 clarty guy (2011-03-03 at 12:47:41)
 pooooooo oleeeee!! .

 lol (2011-07-10 at 09:55:48)
 this is hard .

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