Shornny D & Greedy Gutz - Freestyle (WATCH IN HD) - DiamondEmpireENT
 Dnt cum in the light (2011-11-13 at 16:24:26)
 Greedy nice shorn is ugly. Halloween. .

 Prick (2011-11-13 at 16:14:44)
 I had to come bac n here just to triple check i swear I saw this youth in crystal palace getting in a bus he's lucky I had my youth in the car... .

 Whoooooooooo (2011-11-13 at 16:17:25)
 Who greedy or shorn .

 I'm gonna he's face looks like a ca (2011-11-13 at 16:20:03)
 Not the red skin youth, I'm on about that broke ugly black skin youth.. .

 make he's face a cat c (2011-11-13 at 16:21:28)
 C u wen I c u .

 Handzz (2011-11-13 at 15:51:15)
 ur so shit i had to commet .

 ok (2011-11-13 at 14:09:18)
 shorn ur doing ur ting but allow crud talk coz ppl are gonna start bringing up dirt on u and boasting i shocked to see u making music atleast ur jamin on road .

 031 (2011-12-11 at 14:12:56)
 they whole crew is wack including nick b. lol. i knw all these guyes. they talk bt 1 on 1 they anit on it. snitching n dat. n the light skin yute got gun bucked loooool .

 fucking shit (2011-11-24 at 15:22:32)
 ur fucking shit stop jus stop .

 loss weight pills (2013-02-01 at 03:07:28)
 tFj14g Enjoyed every bit of your blog post. Awesome. .

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 wLuIGn I value the article.Really thank you! Fantastic. .

 Flipz (2011-11-21 at 05:01:21)
 Yea this is ard still but ders no need for da cockiness brudda eaz up wid dat .

 joker (2011-12-10 at 17:49:56)
 fam i knw thses yutes. they got run gotta brixton. plus thet snitched on my boy. .

 truth (2011-11-15 at 23:31:45)
 they are shit no lies i am just been real listen to what they saying this video was a waste of time go make money you tramps .

 man like (2011-11-15 at 05:46:21)

 Shornny D (2011-11-15 at 05:41:04)
 Shornny D is hard period fuck hatters pressure & pain hardddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd .

 dont fink u can even catch dat in s (2011-11-15 at 00:07:19)
 dat jumper der .... wid da polo loooool,coming wid dat "08 swag" all u need now is some adidas elastic ankle stranglers n some t90's...den your nice! ready to hit pen .

 dam rite hes gassed (2011-11-13 at 06:40:29)
 Shorn that youth had to move outta the end to scotland. lloooooollll .

 waste man (2011-11-13 at 06:42:23)
 dem man there try to jump on sneakbo n sneaky didn't even try to cum back watt waste of time. .

 man said (2011-11-13 at 06:43:31)
 man said he move to Scotland hes gassed i swear shorn is still in endz .

 keyboardwarriors (2011-11-13 at 06:45:52)
 jesus christ! can't you talk about the music? what's wrong wid you man? dees dons r doing their ting if you got a problem take it to them .

 IMMA brixton man (2011-11-13 at 06:56:30)
 i neva see that youth in brixton in my life, only that mix race youth n if i c him again in brixton im gonna move to him so be on point bro... GREE..........DY.......GUTZ... .

 shornny d (2011-11-13 at 06:58:20)
 Shornny d doing his ting aint gonna lie i rate him and ive checked his other views its real he gos in .

 LOOL (2011-11-13 at 06:58:22)
 I swear i c that youth on a bus.. lol lol . u lot need to step ur games up. .

 wet (2011-11-13 at 20:24:41)
 same old shit, p.s. man had that nike jumper back in 2000 bummy utes .

 no ratings (2011-11-14 at 08:03:12)
 loooooooooool shornny d used to go lilian baylis lol joke man .

 Nick B SW9 (2011-11-14 at 12:30:19)
 Mad love to my lil cousen shornny D n mad love to greedy gutz keep the video cumin n fuck the haters.... .

 what (2011-11-13 at 06:37:09)
 yu man r fuckin chattin shit yu fuckin prick. who da fuck hav yu banged a 45 at yu prick .

 omg (2011-11-13 at 09:09:35)
 loooool what can i say i might start raping can do better than this .

 looool (2011-11-13 at 10:24:21)
 looooooool i beat dat lite skinned yutes sista and i kno its yur sista pussy cah i asked who da pic was ov aan she said her brother loooool no rating .

 isit (2011-11-13 at 06:34:12)
 if they got that much viws they are going in let me check now .

 Bigg Krush (2011-11-13 at 08:16:56)
 Real Talks All These pricks commenting need ah life doe.....keep hating .

 lve undergrounds (2011-11-13 at 07:15:53)
 rhaaaaa, is it this youth that done pressure n pain, that was a good video. Very funny video. lol lol lol . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. .

 lol lol (2011-11-13 at 07:05:15)
 they look like tramps but nice kitchen doe .

 light who's head like a light bulb. (2011-11-13 at 07:13:25)
 bro let me give u a lil tip just stick to pressure n pain. .

 shit talkin (2011-11-13 at 06:32:28)
 these guys give me jokes were are they from? .

 gassed (2011-11-13 at 06:29:35)
 shornny d is so gasssed loooool and that greedy guy .

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 big .

 YUNG SHAK (2012-03-21 at 06:01:02)
 fuck them niggaz. CFR all day.u knw wt time is. 1 call from taff and its a rap. FREE shak corelone, bandit, R.A, biker, mouse, and all d rest of the dons STRAIGHT .

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