Simple Jackson FT. Bamalam - Zoots Are Getting Me Pissed (Prod. AWL)
 lewisham (2012-01-16 at 17:17:43)
 them man went in least it aint the sameee oldd subject about guns n murders> .

 sorry (2012-01-15 at 05:38:56)
 but this song gettin me pissed but good luck in the music ting tho .

 fuckin cats brv (2012-01-15 at 06:04:11)
 lik i smke everyday lik, dis youth r jus cats, look at da can of beer dey got loool dum cats, if it was henny i would hav low u lik .

 yeah (2012-01-15 at 07:11:30)
 dis tune is sik. make me wanna bun a zoot still. .

 OG Brixton don (2012-01-15 at 07:15:45)
 say no more these man are always blazing down zoots in the ends .

 P. (2012-01-15 at 07:48:25)

 narmish (2012-01-15 at 08:13:30)
 yhyh dis da bang bang sime .

 Hard! (2012-01-15 at 10:36:05)
 tru say certain mans billin r gtn me pissed! ino dem 1s der .

 wow (2012-01-15 at 16:16:58)
 AWL is a fucking sick producer. Bamalam is a sick rapper. .

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Simple Jackson FT. Bamalam - Zoots Are Getting Me Pissed (Prod. AWL)
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