Skepta - Rescue Me (Official Video)
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 bounty (2010-05-13 at 22:21:39)
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 killer (2010-05-13 at 22:22:39)
 killer .

 deadly (2010-05-13 at 22:23:10)
 deadly .

 zone (2010-05-13 at 22:23:21)
 zone .

 n9 (2010-05-12 at 08:18:44)
 man can do his ting try make p wat not, if it means doin a commercial tune so b it tune is deadout tho cum better skeppy .

 Big Barry (2010-05-12 at 08:28:28)
 fuck all you cunts!!! BNP .

 LOOOL (2010-05-12 at 09:05:48)
 fuccc the hood...get ur money skepta...protect it though coz man r hungry out ere...H-town bang!! .

 dizze rass (2010-05-11 at 14:09:12)
 skepta is a sell out like me .

 lol (2010-05-11 at 16:54:31)
 skepta looks like one happy nigerian dad running away from the mental institue on the down side sold out wearing skinny jeans in ndubz videos your fruity don. .

 who gives a shit about the hood?? (2010-05-10 at 21:23:01)
 skepta = bad man. ndubz= bad men/women. chipmunk = bad man. tinchy = bad man. wiley = bad man. dizzee = bad man. money makers, property owners that came from the same shit as u fuckers. have bettered their situation against odds. sometimes u have to go backwards to go forwards which u may say they r doing but they r creating a platform for the talented to be heard and its getting bigger. they r blatantly just kissing arse til they can kick it. no1 goes into any infrastructure calling shots from the off. have to work ur way up but none of u short lived,get rich quick fuckers will ever understand that and will be broke 4ever more even if u do getmoney. .

 FUCK SKEPTA (2010-05-10 at 03:57:03)

 lt (2010-05-09 at 13:51:25)
 fukin tune .

 jerowski (2010-05-09 at 14:05:43)
 dat lighty nurse is fuckin sexyy .

 jerowski (2010-05-09 at 14:07:58)
 fuck ndubz blud. dont compare dem SINGERS to skeppy .

 @ Why (2010-05-09 at 14:20:37)
 u sayin u wouldnt if u had da chance it sounds like ur 1 rich boy dat dnt need to leave coz he in da hood.. u fukin neek !!! .

 billioneer (2010-05-09 at 17:05:05)
 fuck the\ hood dats da equation .

 fix up (2010-05-09 at 17:15:09)
 bruv its all bout ps but dis video a jke lets kep it real real nighas aintrateing this shit. aint hating on skepta undastand everyone got to eat causeman aint feeding him but he needs to find da balance between da streets an da charts or he wont last cause da underground feeds da industry. .

 BNP (2010-05-09 at 18:07:40)

 wats ur fukin motive (2010-05-09 at 09:26:43)
 how can u start moaning bout wat instrumental hes spitting orn hes till spitting bars to me jus wiv a structed tune alie...dem dum tlks lyk hes a little boy about fogetting about da hood sum diked tlks wuldnt u lyk 2 be rich! .

 hard working brother (2010-05-09 at 09:28:51)
 this is the only way he gonna make money, if you had the opportunity to make enough money to not have to live in ;the hood' surely you would take it? .

 niggas (2010-05-09 at 06:32:23)
 u c niggas dey h8 wateva d situatio9n dey wud b tlkin like skeptas shit he aint mkin money like tinchy if he neva started makin deese tunes now he is mkin dese tunes ppl r still h8in .

 PROPA MUSIC (2010-05-09 at 03:14:37)

 REAL TALK (2010-05-08 at 20:21:44)
 jackin ndubs sound.. skepta fell off.. no ratings no more .

 skepta keep doin u (2010-05-09 at 03:30:33)
 don't listen 2 alll these haters! most of them wernt around wen he was doin dis grime ting hard! wen he was a fuckin producer! iss about time a real nigga broke thru 2 the mainstream1 and wen i mean real, i mean real to their self. skepta dont go around like hes sum bad boy wid a screw face, but dont eva get it twisted, ya dig .

 skepta keep doin u (2010-05-09 at 03:31:37)
 i rate u g .

 Tottenham Nigga (2010-05-08 at 22:46:17)
 where ever you go you always seem to find haters kmt. skepta is not forgettin the hood, hes tryin to go comersh. theres no way near enough money to make in the hood. when your comersh the sky is your limit. hes thinking bout future, not hood. .

 WHY (2010-05-08 at 19:17:22)
 Why these guys going commercial forgetting the hood .

 waistman (2010-05-08 at 19:28:58)
 not every1 wants 2 stay in da hood u waistman.....its all abt lig money....dats da only way forward widout worryin or watchin your back...da aim in da beginging is to move out da hood...not stay in it u ass crack .

 loss weight pills (2013-01-31 at 10:30:35)
 UoRkQM Say, you got a nice post. Cool. .

 Lil Saint (2010-06-17 at 11:24:19)
 na skepta's goin on hard still he's doing he's ting hopefully ill be up there soon fuck all da hater's .

 african (2010-06-17 at 13:12:29)
 braaaap skepta is representing all deh africanz .

 ^^^^^lol (2011-02-08 at 01:35:04)
 skepta ONLY fuks around with white girls...he still repping africans? lol .

 Lool at hood speakers (2011-10-30 at 08:37:27)
 Blud i cam out da hood n i didnt have to suck dick like dese pussyohs!! they all got merked by Dot Rotten, P Money, Crazy Titch its like da difference between Dave Chappelle who aint a paigon but still got money n Chris Rock who is a paigon n made more money...bottom line dem paigon ones r gettin fucked by old white rich guys n have teenage fans so whose da badman den? .

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