Skepta ft. Preeya Kalidas - Cross My Heart (Out 17th October) ard
 michelle (2010-10-21 at 05:37:58)
 love the song so much need to get the song 2nite xxx .

 bubbles (2010-10-07 at 14:06:43)
 stop fukin b eing racist be proud that she got summat u all fukers dont .

 SKEPTA U FASSY (2010-10-05 at 11:11:13)

 lol (2010-09-29 at 17:50:43)

 .. (2010-09-14 at 06:54:30)
 i swear in 1 interveiw he says he thinks this chick is his no1 gyal... .

 splee (2010-09-13 at 20:34:20)
 big tune snm .

 fuk u nigger (2010-09-10 at 20:26:35)
 nigger got no hair it peper grainz errrr .

 country don (2010-09-08 at 08:16:52)
 skepta is hardd sayy nutttin .

 skepta is ard (2010-09-07 at 13:35:53)
 keep doin it fam and preeya is buff dun no ill breed dat .

 anwar ali (2010-09-07 at 09:51:39)
 fuk yu yu racists bastard yu man no yu wud all fuk her like itz happy daiz waste maaanz get outta here h8iiiin 4 no reason ideeat brezz.... tunes ayt doe still go on skepta doin it biiiig .

 @ @the comment below (2010-09-05 at 17:45:08)
 shut up u stinkin paki wot place do pakis have in uk music scene in fact wot place do pakis have outside bomb infested shitholes gettin flooded at the same time stinkin raghead .

 erm (2010-09-05 at 11:13:21)
 whats that mad black top hes wearling? looks kinda batty not feelin that wave atall big tune tho .

 jheeeze (2010-09-05 at 09:18:06)
 ya no nuff of dese man hu r hatin on her if dey had da chance dey wud tape her .

 Yung Ess (2010-09-04 at 14:54:02)
 skeptas bigg .

 @ The Comment Below (2010-09-04 at 09:58:23)
 U Fukn Niggaa! - This Tuneee BIGG .. Dont See What Race Has 2 Do Widd It .. If Its A Tune Its A Tunee .. Nothingg Long! ... Go wash ya face .

 niggas shud allow it (2010-09-04 at 04:13:49)
 how can u b diggin dat stinkin horseface paki..come on. .

 .... (2010-09-03 at 22:06:19)
 Gottaa Rate This Trackkk ... Fuknn Tunee .

 CHOOON! (2010-09-03 at 22:05:40)

 THIS TUNE IS GASSSSSSSSSSSSSSED (2010-09-03 at 19:02:51)

 pat pat ding ding (2010-09-03 at 13:11:40)
 299. stinkin paki floodvictim terrorist .

 ms cocoa (2010-09-03 at 08:54:12)
 dats amira looool shes not buff but shes attractive .

 Eastends (2010-09-03 at 07:11:51)
 WTF i swear she was in eastenderz .

 MK (2010-09-03 at 07:20:15)
 dats da typa girls skeppy likes check hes interview with donnatella .

 damnnnnn (2010-09-03 at 06:59:40)
 she is a sexy muslim lady she willl fukin get it,y syed y u gay bastard lol.dis tune is ard neway .

 rubbish song (2010-09-03 at 05:18:15)
 she looks like a trannie and his rubbish .

 skpta i doing dis ting norf west 6 (2010-09-03 at 04:54:30)
 .. .

 lol thats that radical muslim woman (2010-09-03 at 03:40:54)
 lol madness!!! i heard she got dropped by her label cos her 1st song finished 72 in the chart lol!!! .

 lol thats that radical muslim woman (2010-09-03 at 03:41:27)
 FROM FOUR LIONS,i was meant to say... .

 she is peeeenggggerz (2010-09-03 at 02:44:09)
 yeeep manz gonn google her name fnd some nice screenshotts from eastenders and wank hard righttt about now .

 pen (2010-09-03 at 01:22:55)
 she is 2 sexxxxxxxy .

 pen (2010-09-03 at 01:23:16)
 she is 2 sexxxxxxxy .

 pen (2010-09-03 at 01:23:20)
 she is 2 sexxxxxxxy .

 pen (2010-09-03 at 01:23:21)
 she is 2 sexxxxxxxy .

 pengali bengali (2010-12-02 at 07:29:42)
 @ damnnnn - shes nt a muslim acctually shes a hindu n dahz eastenders...ihz calld actin... :/ shes a different character on eastenders u knw .

 geothaspette (2013-03-25 at 15:54:39)
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 this video is cuz preeya kalidas is (2011-08-28 at 09:11:27)
 this video is cuz preeya kalidas is in it she would get it .

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