Sneakbo Goes In - Ghetto (BBC R1XTRA ECLUSIVE) Banger - @sneakbo1
 woiiii (2012-03-11 at 08:56:42)
 1st .

 13.53 (2012-03-11 at 08:56:54)
 dun kno sho sho...sw9 suwoo to b gang.....i wish i was a real blood in compton .

 HARD (2012-03-11 at 09:21:56)

 Certified H Road Banger (2012-03-11 at 17:10:20)
 This is certified big up Sneakbo and all the GG dons .

 NAIJA LOVER (2012-03-11 at 18:03:23)

 keep steerin in da rite direction (2012-03-12 at 17:12:08)
 remember blud u got a powerful word. a followin. edl r on cases. gov on cases. use ur word proper. say narda say nuffin .

 yung spen (2012-03-12 at 20:11:28)
 harrd tunee.. sneakbo is one of da best in uk.. compare dis tune to dat stigs song loool.. stigs is wack witha deaad floww .

 On My GRIND (2012-03-14 at 06:38:02)
 This video is a madnessssssss Team UK "my old bitch is called music and my new bitch is called business" jheeze Support the movement by typing "TeeJay Black, mRmE(Mor Black), Wizewords - Stay Schemin Remix (Video) " and viewing it thnks. .

 juju (2012-03-14 at 09:29:01)
 sneaky a juju man..maggy n h in jail while diss ute buss da m .

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 2342CA68 (2012-03-14 at 14:53:23)
 Add for cars of all types and more .

 yes (2012-03-14 at 17:33:39)
 da old greazy sneakbo is back, hes sounding mad, good to see he can do dem commercial tunes and still do tunes like dis for da hood mandem .

 WATCHOUT FOR NEXT ARDEST RAPPER (2012-03-14 at 18:29:15)
 type, Workz freestyle in youtube ard shit .

 Jheeeez (2012-03-15 at 05:10:21)
 Sneakbooo <3 .

 BIG S (2012-03-21 at 15:33:39)

 Nopoxfugprero (2013-01-05 at 02:50:57)
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Sneakbo Goes In - Ghetto (BBC R1XTRA ECLUSIVE) Banger - @sneakbo1
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