Splash! TV - Richard Blackwood at Comedy Takeaway Ayia Napa
 stay funny (2009-12-26 at 06:19:34)
 he stilll funny he need to get he show bak .

 se15 (2009-12-27 at 08:26:03)
 that tune is so tru when your driveing .

 LOOL (2009-12-27 at 09:49:43)
 saw man doin last minute christmas shoppin in heath .

 bb (2010-01-04 at 09:26:45)
 i was dere this was jokes...when he said the 2nd toe thing everyone looked at their feet lool .

 YARDIE ONES (2010-02-22 at 15:35:25)

 lol (2010-02-22 at 15:37:10)

 well done (2011-02-12 at 07:33:42)
 he has alwayz been big.. Please make a come bk.. Black people need jokes .

 Tyanne (2011-07-05 at 18:20:29)
 And I was just wdonering about that too! .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-24 at 23:19:06)
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Splash! TV - Richard Blackwood at Comedy Takeaway Ayia Napa
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