@StevenJoTV - Disturbing The Peace Part 7!- Acting a Fool Infront Of Kids
 A.N. (2011-12-09 at 12:36:33)
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 loool (2011-12-07 at 20:20:52)
 the white guy who said i could not stop laughing how steven jo got shook trying style out about safe afterwards lmaof loooooool .

 let down to u niggas (2011-12-07 at 19:43:40)
 white yute fuckk this guy is fucking embarrasing not funny at all sn .

 riffa (2011-12-07 at 18:58:18)
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 bad man (2011-12-08 at 11:10:46)
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@StevenJoTV - Disturbing The Peace Part 7!- Acting a Fool Infront Of Kids
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