Story Video - Big Narstie - Drugs Dont Work [Official Music Video] [@Pressplay_Uk @BigNarstie]
 @MDLDNBA (2012-07-18 at 18:56:28)
 LOOL dis is nuts .

 P.G .D (2012-07-19 at 19:45:39)
 this song remind me of me being gang and how i got stapped,ad saling aclass drugs and i used to get arrested da only thing dat set me free is God and i move away fare from the gang hood mashtown hackney allday pple if u are in the gang is not worth ur life to be innit plz remove urself from b4 u die .

 old skool (2012-07-20 at 09:12:04)
 this is off BIG Narstie mixtape from bout 8-9 years ago. still banging!!!!! .

 Real talk (2012-07-19 at 05:41:09)
 That White Guys A Crack Head Bear Snfifeing Is Well .

 YDA TO SHOOTINSTARZ (2012-07-19 at 05:46:27)
 choppaman! .

 g (2012-07-19 at 07:04:13)
 dis soo is hard unno .

 g (2012-07-19 at 07:05:34)
 dis song is hard unno .

 BIG (2012-07-19 at 07:32:08)

 ROCKSTAR (2012-07-19 at 12:20:20)

 sikkkk (2012-07-18 at 04:41:08)
 sikkkkkkk .

 bump (2012-07-18 at 21:40:39)
 heard dis douglas breh is robbin niggas. .

 LOL (2012-07-18 at 12:05:28)
 dat indian guy looked bookie from early hahaha as if man wud be hittin shoots to him and his clint eastwood glasses .

 oi Brover (2012-07-18 at 10:35:50)
 Cream up dem hands der looking Drrrrrrryyyyy .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-25 at 08:41:27)
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Story Video - Big Narstie - Drugs Dont Work [Official Music Video] [@Pressplay_Uk @BigNarstie]
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