Sunday Stuff - Benjamin A.D (Official Video)
 nice nice (2009-09-29 at 17:22:20)
 keep it up u can do big things wit tunes like these .

 Lazee' (2009-09-29 at 17:33:17)
 Dis is sick!!!! .

 sw9 (2009-09-29 at 18:23:02)
 tunes big still ... .

 is that (2009-09-29 at 18:47:20)
 grillz or train tracks .

 big trak (2009-09-29 at 21:04:58)
 nice zone out trak yh .

 idiot fool (2009-09-29 at 22:11:27)
 u would have a boring sunday if u found ur broke ass in church .

 Spiff jokes (2009-09-30 at 00:02:53)
 Dis tune is hard .

 GRIMECRITIC (2009-09-30 at 11:13:39)
 this is good big up you had me thinkin your swag wit tht other video .

 GRIMECRITIC (2009-09-30 at 14:48:47)
 and the big up the producer he sampled donkey kong!!! .

 djhoodstar (2009-10-03 at 14:23:08)
 yo ma nigger .

 woow (2009-10-05 at 15:58:42)
 dis is a gd track...all the scene was based in yard but very effective...like the verse's .

 DarksoulBeatz (2009-10-06 at 16:09:24)
 I Produced This Tune And Yeah The Samole is from donkey kong LOL .

 darksoulbeatz (2009-10-06 at 16:11:21)
 Sample* .

 Akhi (2011-01-16 at 08:20:50)
 he is a Muslim, why would he go church !, check out his younga brother as well, his names Young Adz. .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-24 at 06:54:18)
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Sunday Stuff - Benjamin A.D (Official Video)
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