TS Family Freestyle - North West
 mad man (2009-07-31 at 05:15:17)
 neeky youts .

 sw9_killaz (2009-07-31 at 10:01:47)
 ard bars .

 1shot (2009-07-31 at 10:20:48)
 "im aimin for the green like tiger woods" jheez .

 master 0i (2009-08-03 at 01:00:23)
 err no ...fuck dis brez fuckin tlkin shit ....and tiger woods dnt aim 4 the green he aims 4 the whole.... .

 CraziThug NW9 (2009-08-04 at 18:25:03)
 aard bars buh needs more hype doe.. yeh true Woods aims for the hole buh ii think he's on abt green as for money or weed and shit.. .

 ash (2009-08-19 at 08:43:20)
 OMD they r moooist .

 nw10 hates fake thugs (2009-10-05 at 11:37:10)
 oi listen dis yuts ant never done shit on da roads never held a straly tlkin all greez on da trak go bak 2 ur happy family n shut up .

 real talk (2009-10-25 at 20:34:56)
 he wantz 2 b the arab giggz!!! no m8 .

 lol (2009-11-06 at 07:20:13)
 dese moist nerds. buy 1 get 1 3 lol da way he paused den sed it .

 pls (2009-11-21 at 00:32:44)
 micky mouse club .

 lol (2009-11-24 at 10:04:55)
 dese bruddahs aint been tru no struggle, dey probz inherite der parents shops and yards, dats wer dey get der money .

 RECKERW10 (2010-09-15 at 17:20:44)
 sum any neeks lol shit barz shit flow snm .

 lol (2010-09-11 at 19:03:01)
 fake ralphys .

 lol (2010-09-10 at 05:23:50)
 breee shitttt! lol no ratingz .. dnt see dese catz in endz.. dickhead nerdz haha n.w.9 .

 SRS OLDERZ,, ST.RAPHS NW10 (2010-08-15 at 10:59:39)
 bigup my nahkis real niggaz... .

 w9 (2010-11-18 at 12:14:23)
 u man r pussy got run out of ends so had 2 move to north fukin dikheds .

 dondappa (2011-01-01 at 17:55:28)
 these bruddahs r waveyyyy .

 MADMAN (2011-01-16 at 17:23:04)

 afghan (2011-02-15 at 07:28:18)
 bout time sum nxt race cum in the seen. .

  (2011-03-18 at 03:32:24)
 about ts family ......these guys r wack .....get the hell off outa here u pricks .

 londons finest (2011-03-18 at 03:36:47)
 wott do u kno bout raw white .dum utes..about sharky blast....blast wot water pistol..fuckin twats .

 real talk (2011-04-07 at 16:32:39)
 you man are some real real pussey holes you man aint built for diss say no more .

 real talk (2011-04-07 at 16:34:34)
 i no you man from hendon school are clart on all your dads pussey holes say no more .

 NW9 (2011-05-18 at 14:00:42)

 Majik The Real Greaze (2011-11-01 at 20:45:38)
 Look at my cousin going in at 1:39...Only true skengman rock the rugby shirts with top button done up and wrap around ray bans..outfit of a true G.. Hillingdon to Hendon, real trigger squeezers, we greaze enough to let bullets fly and the loot to buy straps..anyone talking shit on here how your a gunman suck ur mum and reach for your 50 quid rebore that'll blow up in your hand ...BULLET BULLET .

 lol (2012-02-08 at 08:40:47)
 ber dikhed haters sayin these bres r moist even if they are ur probably some washed up nerds sitin on ur computer feeling ber happy that u cn gt onto sum1 without no1 knowing who u r LOL gt a life. .

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TS Family Freestyle - North West
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