This Is Too Fuuny - Man Tries To Rob A Store And His Drops Threw The Roof - Plus He Gets Lock In The Store
 dumbass (2009-08-05 at 20:57:31)
 looooooooooool dumb roober hahaha .

 this brer is way to stupid to be be (2009-08-05 at 22:10:24)
 you cant begin to understand .

 clown (2009-08-06 at 02:05:58)
 this has to be a joke. dumb aint da word .

 looooooool (2009-08-06 at 04:57:33)
 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah .

 stupid (2009-08-09 at 19:30:46)
 LMFAO LMFAO that dude too dumb. .

 skilz (2009-08-10 at 20:41:02)
 sum top waste man looooool .

 OOOH WWOOW (2009-11-24 at 15:50:25)
 he is amercian no one in dahh Uk will b dumb enough tuh do dahh .

 LOL (2011-11-27 at 12:52:54)

 shan (2010-05-26 at 22:53:40)
 lmao this guy's my idle... i'm kinda dumb like him ;) - xDDDDDDD .

 shan (2010-05-26 at 22:54:21)
 cool .

 shan (2010-05-26 at 22:54:35)
 shan wuz here .

 shan (2010-05-26 at 22:54:46)
 shan rox!! .

 shan (2010-05-26 at 22:54:57)
 i like him <3 .

 shan (2010-05-26 at 22:55:31)
 i owN!!! .

 pwnzor (2010-05-26 at 22:56:16)
 I love dicks .

 Pwnzor (2010-05-26 at 22:56:49)
 I take it up the butt. .

 shannet brown (2010-05-26 at 22:56:57)
 i'm the from the united queerdom!! .

 Pwnzor (2010-05-26 at 22:57:05)
 I take it up the butt. .

 shannet from h$ (2010-05-26 at 22:57:47)
 i'm a barbie girl, in a barbie worlddddd.. i'm made of plasic.. it's fagtastic!!! .

 shan (2010-05-26 at 22:58:06)
 i like it up the butt :) .

 fuckin nigerians (2010-08-03 at 11:33:03)
 haha .

 fuckin nigerians (2010-08-03 at 11:33:11)
 haha .

 fuckin nigerians (2010-08-03 at 11:33:34)
 haha .

 stig (2010-07-09 at 02:45:25)
 wot crackout dickhead .

 LOL (2010-07-20 at 20:17:36)

 TWAT (2010-11-04 at 20:23:06)
 wen he try climb out the way he came in then fell straight back fru. Toooooooo jokes. .

 LOL (2010-12-13 at 10:59:11)

 do reg (2011-06-15 at 09:45:20)
 some dumb aass robber .

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This Is Too Fuuny - Man Tries To Rob A Store And His Drops Threw The Roof - Plus He Gets Lock In The Store
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