This ain't Right - Crack Head Factor - Semi Final - Woman In London Does Michael Jackson
 BIG UP MYSTRO (2010-12-05 at 22:13:32)
 one of the biggest uk spitters stil, but yea te crackhead dance was jokes stil i wont lie hahaha .

 LOL (2010-12-06 at 01:54:21)
 keep replaying it from 0.29....that laugh got me in fitssssss hahhahahaha! .

 thats not funny (2010-12-06 at 04:33:37)
 y is he takin da piss out the nitty. .

 jimmy (2010-12-05 at 12:57:49)
 the black yute looks like the crack ed wid his fucked up teeth lol .

 loooooooool (2010-12-05 at 07:02:13)
 "im not a crackhead" .

 LMAO (2010-12-05 at 09:57:09)
 "im not a crack head"..that was tooooo funny!! .

 OMYY (2010-12-05 at 10:45:10)

 MYSTRO (2010-12-05 at 06:04:20)

 ard (2010-12-05 at 05:29:29)
 she went in. she is simple not a crack head and yh i'd rather watch this than u. not lyin at all. dnt c this every day. how hard is it to find a nigga that raps. unless u r comin supa different no1 cares bro. this lady shud teach u that .

 yes (2010-12-04 at 19:21:22)
 spiffs back n i love it .

 loool (2010-12-04 at 21:28:40)
 that's mystro talking. utube him, he spits dt real life shit..real nigga .

 looool (2010-12-05 at 01:29:33)
 are you gonna help me after this . . . . YEAH ILL GIVE YOU SOME CHANGE jooookkkkkessss .

 hahahah (2010-12-05 at 04:12:46)
 im not a crack head looool .

 Jonny (2010-12-10 at 02:00:27)
 im not a crackhead lmfao .

 IM CONFUSED (2010-12-10 at 14:30:01)
 i dont get it.... WHICH 1 IS DA CRACKHEAD, da 1 wid no teeth or da 1 havin a fit in da backgroud. .

 LOOOL (2010-12-29 at 05:54:34)
 Im not a crack ahahahaahahaahahaahahaahahaahahhaaaaa .

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This ain\'t Right - Crack Head Factor - Semi Final - Woman In London Does Michael Jackson
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