Timbar Goes In - ft Nutsie [ Eat Fast ] Video By @RAPCITYTV @NUTSIE_0TRIZZY1 @TimbarSw8
 real talk (2012-05-31 at 22:50:58)
 need cum better n fuk th feater .

 NUTSIE (2012-08-29 at 18:06:00)

 Fucking hell (2012-06-01 at 08:38:05)
 Timbar this is sick... Good to see your return!! .

 real g (2012-06-01 at 06:53:39)

 Gass (2012-06-01 at 06:23:53)
 Again you can't get half a box of any decent green for 1700 idiot .

 @Gass (2012-06-01 at 06:17:41)
 man said 17bags prick not 1700! u do da maths nerd! .

 kennington don (2012-06-01 at 04:06:07)
 this yute nutsie is over shit blud cant spit like da other nutsie from brixton hill> that don has got the flow n bars not this confused nigger .

 Gass (2012-06-01 at 03:53:22)
 Half of a key for 1700 bare bull shit lucky if u get a nine for that. You do the Maths and stop gassin it .

 real don (2012-06-01 at 03:40:38)
 he dnt trap tht jsa money .

 real don (2012-06-01 at 03:36:52)
 timber just chat bare shit he do even make sence oh yeah fuck team trizzy .

 @gass (2012-06-01 at 14:02:24)
 he talkin 17 bags u biscuit man like u shouldnt comment on things u dont do as its obvious youre not a shotter or even road smart u fool .

 SCHOLAR (2012-06-02 at 04:36:06)
 skepta expensive talk .

 SMG (2012-06-02 at 10:17:40)
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 realian talker (2012-06-02 at 20:32:22)
 lol im from stockwell yh(moved out now) n these lot plus there eneimies are broke tramps, the real gstreet niggaz got it in b4 all this coulours shit gstreet were the money men spot was the goonz, n they were all cool, now we got this colours shit dilutin up the endz and the city, hold tyte the real hitterz to many to mention hold tite the real spotterz again to many to mention , fuck it if u hit road 06 or after your a washed hurry come up banging and known for banging but aint got no gwop to show for it, lol you gonna have yutes who have yutes that are known for banging wqid no gwolla wats the point in that g???? roadlifes dun yh u aint gonna hit them figgurz u think, ure older stunts rentals n his chicks ting, but is still tryna scheeme on ure dud crep money,,,further more if u aint from brixton, stockwell,lewi or narm done ure hype,if u aint got enough money to pay ure own legal fees done ure hype, if u got yutes or youngers bros on the same strip as you done ure hype, an all this vids about money n that fe dead i see certain rappers today sitting in 1 cafe(near bricky)(they werent pdc) arguin over the bill i kid you not these are grown niggaz u lot bump there music and rate there lil wips n bottles in thee vids it all lies, .

 realian talker (2012-06-02 at 20:37:26)
 n notice i never chat no1s busness(tho i know these niggaz any off them that hang gstreet waybak) no me i aint no snitch like u kids telling life stories on her, talk bout music ,money or jam, on that note nutsie u been spittin a min n ure not doing it, anymore u was stovkies 1st young spitter go bak that fire or quit gggg .

 shh (2012-06-03 at 05:40:37)
 ur moist writing essays g street r certified end of .

 @ shh (2012-06-03 at 08:59:27)
 ure wrong bro man rated all the gtreet dons he sed all this 031 ting, gstreet is a estate not a gang nutsie is g street the rest of dem are 031 but not from g street, gstreet niggaz are known money makers .

 @REALIAN TALKER (2012-06-03 at 13:43:18)

 sham (2012-06-03 at 16:22:23)
 na dons not snitcing tho hes rightin essays n dat but he never mention no crimes or nuttin? .

 deej pecky (2012-06-07 at 09:54:26)
 realian talker.shut the fuck up b4 u get on sited differently.pussyclart hoe .

 realian talker (2012-06-04 at 15:40:28)
 lol what you dons chattin shit 4 i dont live in stockwell no more,i live loughborough junction i still fuck wid the older g street niggaz , dont come on here chatting shit plz, and where am i snitcing? pussys anybody chattin shit for the net cafe suck ya mums blood .

 @GASS (2012-06-21 at 09:46:38)
 ur dopey nigga, this yout talkin bout half a brick of that bali yay not green, uncut brick ur lookin 40 bags but u can get that piped down flake box for 30 bagz easy .

 da truth (2012-06-11 at 20:23:30)
 all u lot shut da fuck up man tut, all bitchin n tht. wht do fancy my man or suttin lololollolollol chill out. jus watch da vid n done. idiots tryin to get polictical. small boys lolollololol .

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 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-26 at 20:23:39)
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Timbar Goes In - ft Nutsie [ Eat Fast ] Video By @RAPCITYTV @NUTSIE_0TRIZZY1 @TimbarSw8
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