Truth - English RudeBoy (Diss To America) - Plus Sexy Gyals
 lol (2009-08-09 at 06:30:25)
 they phone to get there stuff bk melt it down an shot dat lol .

 wtf (2009-08-09 at 09:33:13)
 its a diss to america but hes talking american .

 The Real Truth (2009-08-09 at 10:11:45)
 This is bullshit. .

 come on (2009-08-09 at 10:56:49)
 why the fuck are u talkin in an american accent u fool .

 you fools (2009-08-09 at 11:22:13)
 dat was the whole POINT, if you check dem out on youtube you'll hear how they really rap. .

 Big Rarss Man (2009-08-09 at 13:18:33)
 Bad Boy Video, HOTT Girls, Good Lyrical Content, Infectious Beat. What else do you need?? .

 Big Rarss Man (2009-08-09 at 13:22:20)
 plus: That line about 'overseas artists gettin peeled' is HARD!!! LOL Also, this MC seems to travel between UK, Kenya and the US so it seems that he's entitled to speak in any accent he wants! WE NEED MORE OF THIS SHiiT!! .

 Big Rarss Women (2009-08-09 at 13:36:56)
 First time ive seen a british video and the girls look good and hott. Makes a change, usually run out of BUDGET by then when it comes to garmz. But i guess you will always get HATERS .

 joe (2009-08-09 at 13:52:55)
 Wicked video love it. .

 toneyt (2009-08-09 at 14:09:17)
 HARD!!! .

 Baby*Angel*Eyes* (2009-08-09 at 14:12:26)
 ne1 who sayz dis video is $hit is ''stupid''. plus dem girls look bad! Mwah x .

 tAll boy (2009-08-09 at 14:15:04)
 Hey those girls are dem Natural Candy Girlz innit?? OVER BUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL .

 smalls (2009-08-09 at 14:19:23)
 dem girls r hard body bludd ......... 1 .

 SOUTH LONDON REPPIN (2009-08-09 at 14:25:23)
 good tune-sexy girls .

 Zarb (2009-08-09 at 14:28:29)
 Nice to see a video where every1 looks like they've washed! looooool .

 Mega (2009-08-09 at 14:29:16)

 Lil Bee (2009-08-09 at 14:34:04)
 niice 2 c girlz lookin classy & not wid ravin clothes. 'BIG UP' to da stylist. one word: 'BUDGET!!' LOOOOOOO .

 killa (2009-08-09 at 16:11:43)
 who said it was a diss??? .

 killa (2009-08-09 at 16:12:16)
 dem yankee boys get had up over here we all know wassup .

 DUBZZ (2009-08-09 at 17:20:02)
 niggas is dumb its not hard to make a video but this is almost on par with a good video ALMOST .

 Cee-Bo (2009-08-09 at 17:44:17)
 i reckon da video's decent .

 killa (2009-08-09 at 18:36:45)
 almost on par with a good video?? dumb ass dubzz - r u sure the videos in UK dont look that good anyway get some glasses .

 The Real Mr Carter (2009-08-10 at 03:13:49)
 Why is it that WHENEVER in this country we produce an artist that sounds good. looks good and has potential 2 FINALLY put the UK on the map, all we can do is criticize!! "Don't like his voice!" "He sounds American!" NAH BITCHES AND HATERS!! He just doesnt sound like he's from London!! And the video doesnt look like it was shot on a Nokia N95!! Plus doesnt dude reside in America?!?! Do ur thing Truth, and let them haters stay broke, keep hatin, and NEVER go anywhere past the M25....!!! PEACE .

 jigga hova (2009-08-10 at 04:13:01)
 love this tune!!! girls are BANGIN!! quality at last from the UK. .

 JAY (2009-08-10 at 07:58:38)

 wtf (2009-08-10 at 12:25:40)
 look u dumb twits no one said the video was shit we said hes dissing america and hes talking american wat kinda foolishness is that certain people are dumb people need to realise rap comes from america so why dnt he just do grime, wat a fool .

 The Real Mr Carter (2009-08-10 at 12:43:41)
 Where in the tune does it say he's dissin America? And as for 'talkin American' have you ever heard an American rap?! Cos he sure as hell don't sound American 2me!! As 4 doin grime...that only appeals to 2% of the world!! Open ur eyes!! .

 keepin it real10 (2009-08-10 at 12:59:04)
 Reason shit don't pop off in this country is cos we jus hate 2 much!! Personally there might be a slight American twang, but as 4 talking American...I don't think so .

 keepin it real10 (2009-08-10 at 13:02:35)
 Plus, the tune is HARRDD!! Let's appreciate the music .

 2Dutty (2009-08-10 at 15:10:10)
 Tune is decent, video is HARD. And BTW, FUCK GRIME - 2% is too much; more like 2% of da UK! .

 hard tune stil (2009-08-10 at 22:16:31)
 hes got flow cant lie, but it was abit american'ish which aint bad... but defeats da purpose of da 'diss'. like when he says 'colder dan a popcycle'..?? .

 this guys a prik (2009-08-11 at 05:24:54)
 hows he trying to diss america when his flow and shit is catting american the only thing british is the hook listen to the cerse he thinks hes lil wayne or sumtin loool hyporcrite .

 killa (2009-08-11 at 05:36:05)
 dickhead ! UK doesnt know how to flow like dat if they did they would !! hahahahaha .

 killa (2009-08-11 at 05:36:58)
 and grime and UK hip hop is shit.....they all wanna be what he is doin and dont have the nuts!! .

 Lioness S in LA (2009-08-11 at 05:47:02)
 I'm in the US and this is not a diss--Check his loyal followers here in the US before you chat rubbish! BIG UP TO B.O.E. and looking forward to when you get back to the US and then the UK will know whats up! PERIOD! Now BLOG that! .

 Lioness S in LA (2009-08-11 at 05:50:22)
 Another thing folks---American accent? huh... I live in the US and last time I checked--He CLEARLY doesnt have an American Accent! Thats just MAD! Maybe what you hear is SWAGG! Learn it! B.O.E.'s SWAGGA CONTINUES! .

 MO EAZY (2009-08-11 at 06:34:03)
 Diss to america????????????no it is not,TRUTH...B.O.E .

 Eleanor UK (2009-08-11 at 08:21:08)
 LOVE THIS SHIZZ!!!!!!!! UK UK UK UK UK.....hot beat, good lyrics. Truth is unique coz he is an english rudeboy, not london but english and he really seems like one. GOOD LUCK, more more more please. thanks. .

 Eleanor UK (2009-08-11 at 08:23:49)
 ps i LOVE HATERZ!!!!! they push you forward coz like someone said before they won't get past the m25 with their mentality. Either that or their taste is verrryyyyy minumal, bit igorant. LET ME SEE YOU MAKE A VIDEO, PRODUCE A BEAT AND WRITE A TRACK. Good luck Truth. x .

 Fly Bois (2009-08-11 at 09:54:51)

 The Real Mr Carter (2009-08-11 at 10:32:49)
 What is everyone annoyed about?? The fact that this guy has a hot single and video, or that they don't!!! As 4 swagger jackin, where does everybody who listens to rap music get there style from?!?! Yep, America!! .

 Cooliew12 (2009-08-12 at 14:54:41)
 english boi r pussys and r shits u wudnt last a day in america. america boi have swagga, best rappers and english ppl aint got shit u just copy english boi .

 enzy (2009-08-13 at 10:01:43)
 this is all GAAAASSSS .

 Mr Take Your Girl If Your Arm Aint (2009-08-13 at 15:25:36)
 The song was nice and good beat too... I wont exactly it a great video cause you can make any video look good when it's in black n white.... The girls aint all that... Plus they wearing clothes from H&M... Great track though but dude needs to get rid of that ant trails round his mouth. .

 killa (2009-08-16 at 06:43:24)
 ha ha ah aha ahha ahaah ha .

 dina (2009-08-23 at 23:05:02)
 how can dis america n hes obvi tryin 2 sound lyk dem - is he ok in his head????? .

 BOE (2009-08-27 at 04:45:22)
 We love it keep it coming.......lmao .

 Mr Take Your Girl If Your Arm Aint (2009-08-30 at 17:54:32)
 i'm really dying 2 c how u look or how u dress b4 i can take u seriuosly!! Not H&M, thats where u shop; American Apparel Sweetie!! PLEEZ STOP HATIN ....!!!! .

 Spiff jokes (2009-09-07 at 21:57:08)
 U aint no rude boy, and u aint reppin uk. U flopped with this weak attempt to get at America. Duss u fake bum. .

 Spiff jokes (2009-09-07 at 21:58:04)
 And did yr dad buy you that car and them girls. lol .

 Spiff Jokes' Mum (2009-09-15 at 04:15:08)
 No his didn't buy the car, I did and they're your sisters bending over ! .

 The Real Real Truth (2009-09-17 at 14:15:16)
 university boy turned rapper. he aint hard and he certainly aint a rude boy. like the beat though. just stop the fake rap accent .

 kmt (2009-10-11 at 19:34:13)
  the tune n d video is a banger d nigger puttin in work to put d uk on d map, witch 1 of yu hattin ass nigger got gwap in ur poket or get gyal like dis in f video or got garms like that. u man r faggots dat got no swag. go fuk a bitch or suttin, get ur hoe game up or suttin. stop bitchin dis nigger puttin in work unlike dum fuks hu hav nuffin better than to kritisize spiff vids.. .

 BbeDiamondz (2009-10-13 at 09:28:40)
 i love tha song english rude boy .

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