Twissman & Tayong - The way she moves (Official music video)
 expose (2010-04-07 at 13:58:20)
  i luv da rap game. bare man are good rappers, but man aint real. temp man is on dis road ting, but hes a bully....used 2 feel his bars, but hes kinda weak now...he dont talk sense. dvs is hard.....lyrically...and is on dis road ting but he went ADT school and went jail for forcing youts to do gay shit. tru stories....inch got knocked out cold in hmp brixton....dat was funny....saw it wiv my own eyes....by dat east yout....blade brown went graveney, dat was a soft school and u wasnt hard then, so hw hard can u b now....i rememba when man rushed ur bredrin in front of u and u didnt do nuffin...alie?....k koke went copland school, does dat make him a snitch? lol.....sqwilla da gorrilla was a puppy in ernest bevin school...green tie....not a pussy, but very quiet...not a threat...blade is only known on harbut road...noone in junction fucked wiv him before rap....not a trapstar..rapstar....MORE EXPOSES COMING . .

 JAMMA (2010-04-06 at 17:47:10)

 kmt (2010-04-06 at 10:09:04)
 dis is old .

 bang (2010-04-06 at 13:20:11)
 twiss is some batty bwoy tellim suck his mum man what kinna shit is this my man try come tru hayes park bak in the day without showin man an he had to run weh pussy purple hayes all day .

 wow (2010-04-06 at 02:30:53)
 this is great work. .

 ard tings (2010-04-06 at 07:26:50)
 twiss is sick these days!i like this .

 Spiff jokes (2010-04-06 at 02:58:56)
 the beat is good but that singer kills it. twistman is dead 2 .

 9MIL (2010-08-31 at 11:34:53)
 stop hatinlol yutes you know .

 FUCK ALL HATERS (2010-05-10 at 18:33:53)
 This tune & video is actually really good. u dickheads always complaining. all u wanna hear is pow, bang,shank and all the other shit that goes with the u.k undergound shit. Big up Twiss Man & Tayong for this one. Brap Brap .

 these 2 r gne (2010-05-10 at 10:02:53)
 dat twissman guys signed and i hear it's about to get peak for him.and you youts talkin bout gwap..lol madness .

 twistmans a waste man (2010-04-17 at 23:04:55)
 wearing y.biker chain get gwop and buy u own shit .

 expose (2010-04-11 at 09:10:20)
 dikhead....wots my real name got do wiv nething? truth is da truth.....if ucant handle the truth,u must b a liar .

 haters (2010-04-08 at 05:20:34)
 lol twissman looks like he's gone wiv dis .i see it on worldstarhiphop.. you lot shot stop hating for a sec and see the big pic pussyyyyss .

 WOW (2010-04-08 at 06:11:30)

 yv (2010-04-10 at 11:11:11)
 y dont expose give us hes real name then we can really c what expose .

 Spiff jokes (2010-04-08 at 22:33:56)
 another artist pretending to be someone else writting comments .

 Spiff jokes (2010-04-08 at 22:36:30)
 and i swear jamma is gona clap this little Somalian when he see's him. .

 Spiff jokes (2010-04-08 at 22:38:17)
 and i swear jamma is gona clap this little Somalian when he see's him. .

 twissman (2010-04-08 at 02:45:06)
 fuck off to LA .

 TRUTH (2010-04-07 at 18:47:57)

 9mil (2010-08-14 at 06:07:39)
 twisman is moist, he thinks hes bad hes maaad neeky i remember little youts used to tap his pockets .

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Twissman & Tayong - The way she moves (Official music video)
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