UK Sexy Urban Model - Chenade Photo Shoot
 @ shes ok (2010-08-30 at 10:46:29)
 done no its all about girl like shay uk bombshell double js u zimme g .

 ;p; (2010-08-19 at 16:28:09)
 lol no hating but dat weave is a MESS IT LOOKS WIERD LOL .

 Sam (2010-08-24 at 10:29:19)
 Ifu guys have nothing constructive to say be quiet she is trying something give her a chance. So what she has weave big deal bet ur girl/mum/aunty/sisters have weave sometimes u guys can be so pathetic. she is anaturally beautiful girl if she wants to wear weave who are we to say anything. She is one of the hardest models about right now. Keep doing your thing girlie x .

 el oh double (2010-07-31 at 03:55:16)
 Semi dead still .

 Dilipjaysabal (2011-02-21 at 22:41:35)
 26year .

 looool my first girl (2010-08-18 at 18:39:19)
 i popped her cherry looool u man hate .

 shes ok (2010-07-21 at 18:34:49)
 but her tits r 2 small 4 me i like bigger lils still .

 damn (2010-07-13 at 19:04:14)
 dats wifey material right dere .

 dewqd (2010-07-13 at 20:43:00)
 edq .

 haters (2010-07-14 at 06:30:03)
 dats my wife dnt hate about hoe .

 uhh (2010-07-14 at 09:08:33)
 nice this chick is alright. .

 H (2010-07-14 at 10:57:56)
 She is bare annoyin in real life truss me, she finks she white.... id beat her doe she is sexy .

 NEWHAM (2010-07-15 at 12:06:58)

 pokerface (2010-07-15 at 15:25:49)
 I would definately poke her face .

 DIRTY GIRL (2010-07-16 at 09:03:44)
 shes bare slutty put sum fuckin clothes on you dirty whore wud neva fuck diz chick NOT EVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

 ded (2010-07-19 at 19:26:49)
 body nice, weave okay,face dead .

 omg (2010-07-22 at 13:57:05)
 she fuking looks like D.W fro that cartoon arthur .

 ROFL @ omg (2010-07-25 at 17:51:56)
 Her Weave Is An Emotoinal Mess. .

 shes only good for one ting and dat (2011-01-14 at 15:57:19)
 BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG i would never wife that doe she a one night ting .

 azUN2n Thanks:) Cool topic, write m (2011-09-29 at 23:20:57)
 azUN2n Thanks:) Cool topic, write more often! You manage with it perfctly:D .

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 Hw4EDO Im thankful for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great. .

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UK Sexy Urban Model - Chenade Photo Shoot
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