UK Sexy Urban Model - Vanessa Bee - Butterfly Models - Damn Son!!
 first (2010-12-31 at 20:27:46)
 i would BEATTTTT .

 sn (2010-12-31 at 20:28:52)
 jheez she gettin it .

 YO DON (2010-12-31 at 21:08:50)

 REAL TALKK (2010-12-31 at 23:53:08)

 REAL TALKK (2010-12-31 at 23:53:16)

 She Fixed Uppp (2011-01-01 at 03:15:44)
 I used to Beat That When She was About 17 .

 Bocat (2011-01-01 at 05:52:05)
 I used to eat her out while she was on her reds still. she mad sexy I tryed to breed dat couple times bak in da day but she was on the pill. Pisd .

 M (2011-01-01 at 08:47:05)
 uno wat yeh. i beat this chick time ago. swerrrr too godddd. her n her fren julia up bluewater. its mad seeing her on dis shit. stil got dose peng tittys .

 average joe (2011-01-01 at 09:00:37)
 aint no of u niggas beat her stop lying to the public an come of that dirty talk about eating girls on period times but obv if i ever meet her i would make stop modeling an have a youth .

 jheez (2011-01-01 at 09:01:23)
 she has a sexy voice! most gyal voices are all deep or high pitched put a brudda right off!! keep it sexy .

 HYDE PARK 2011 (2011-01-01 at 09:17:01)
 Come to Hyde park and get down .

 HYDE PARK 2011 (2011-01-01 at 09:18:14)
 Come to Hyde park and get down .

 loool (2011-01-01 at 11:47:30)
 sum neeky youts commenting. shes mad hot, probs top 3 in UK .

 THICK WIT IT! (2011-01-01 at 12:46:08)
 she wud get impregnated still! .

 LOL (2011-01-01 at 13:20:25)
 she seems intelligent .

 somedude (2011-01-01 at 13:31:48)
 i would like to drown my dick in her mouth .

 real (2011-01-01 at 16:53:18)
 thats how a real woman should look.... not no size 0 bullshit .

 ak (2011-01-01 at 19:06:55)
 i used beat vanessa in high school but she stank .

 Mmmmmm (2011-01-01 at 20:57:37)
 I would suck her toes, bocat and rim her anus if it meant I could get head and beat it. .

 real g (2011-01-01 at 20:59:46)
 i wana put ma dick between her tits and buss .

 Up For A good Fuck (2011-01-01 at 21:56:19)
 If Your A Piff Boy and have a very big fat cocky then comment and i will give you my number so we can meet up and fuck i give head and everything yeah comment .

 Up For A good Fuck (2011-01-01 at 21:58:05)
 If Your A Piff Boy and have a very big fat cocky then comment and i will give you my number so we can meet up and fuck i give head and everything yeah comment .

 big cocky (2011-01-02 at 02:51:42)
 she will get any day any time .

 loveee (2011-01-02 at 07:19:04)
 to see pretty/sexy brownies...jheeze .

 palo dat don (2011-01-02 at 08:50:07)
 she is sexy but naggas need to stop talkin about eatin her out fuck u naggas she suck my dick in high school .

 south of the map (2011-01-02 at 12:23:21)
 i remember vanessa from back in the day her and julia jeez was a team still real talk shes a local one still south of the bridge sonny .

 south east don (2011-01-03 at 21:32:13)
 u man are over ratin dis chick she luks kinda fat bruv check dis brazillian chick best backoff in da world. Andressa Soares. .

 GIGGS (2011-01-04 at 20:56:12)
 She's a hoe. u best lean back thinking u gonna make it in the industry cuh ur fucking NOT!!! Gon ton the fucking gym, or go to harley street & get some tummy tuck, u sellulight fat piss of shit. Man dem stop getting gas of this TRASH. Ur not a video mgal, ur not a glmour gal, further more u remindb me off MISS PIGGY.... Jheeeeez SN1 All fucking day. .

 pecknam all day sn1 (2011-01-04 at 21:04:18)
 real talk 7 man use to beat this hoe back in the day. her & jeeez bell white gal julie. come suck my dick & let me boost all over ur face & breast like i use to u fat hoe. she's even gone fatter than back in the day. like wat giggs said get ur fat body off spifftv over we run up on u 7 man strong AGAIN.... .

 NATALIE (2011-01-04 at 21:08:29)
 Fucking gals like this make me SICK!!! How much r u even getting 4 this. u r such a pretty gal but ur gassed. I FEEL SORRY 4 UR MAMA. Look how people r just dissing u. u should stop or go and hide ur face. u r a TRASH.... Making women look bad with ur fat self.... fucking WASTE-GAL .

 Aisha sw1 (2011-01-04 at 21:13:30)
 straight up, whoever is managing as GASSED UP ur fucking brains. 1, ur not gonna make it doing this. 2, u need to lose weight. 3,ur past seems to be hunting u down, u must av done some bad shit when u was young. 4, JUST GHIVE UP & GO AND EDUCATE UR BLOOD CLAAT SELF .

 km (2011-01-05 at 05:24:54)
 lol .

 West Chick (2011-01-05 at 07:33:02)
 Errr shes fat! look how wide she is loool....needs to hit the gym fast! she average looking, shit i know at least 50 chicks prettier than dis hoe. any man rating her needs to step their game up. .

 K.I.G (2011-01-05 at 18:38:06)
 Just like 2pac once said in his own video "EVERY VIDEO, EVERYWHERE WE GO, NO MATTER WHERE I GO I SEE THE SAME HOOOOE.... ur NOT gonna go far babe especially with that HORRIBLE fatness growing on ur body. all u gassed up hoe dnt even get paid out here 4 ur glamour work, u fucking WASTE GAL. Ur better off working in Makky dess atleat u get paid. go & do ur homework and see how many gal before u in the industry tried the same ting in there past but FAILED.... Ur best bet from me STICK 2 EDUCATION! Best way forward BIAATCH .

 SNAKEYMAN (2011-01-05 at 18:46:54)
 majority of this so called video gal, glamour gals wants to cpy wat others av done & made it in life. everyone as a different destiny. stop copying wat people av done and think u will make it like them. U GASSED UP HOE. How can ur mum even allow u to do such thing. Maybe she was once a video gal her days.... i feel sorry 4 u. GET A LIFE BIATCH. Fucking uneducated fool...... wastegal go & waste ur energy on something better & take this fatness off splifftv. further more SPLIFFTV need to bann fat hoes like u off here!!! .

 b.g (2011-01-05 at 18:56:14)
 i swear down no word of a lie we use to pass this gal round with her hoe friend julie.... she was so shuck of my team back in the day. staight up gang bang ting & she loved it. and always ask 4 more. i miss that mouth round my cock & my 9inch between ur fat breast. i miss dem days.... jheeeeeez. where u at vanessa. am on a hunt 4 u. i will even put a price tag if anyone can find u. BEST HEAD I AV EVER HAD, swear down .

 Fuckshit (2011-01-06 at 13:00:17)
 Holy Mary mother of God!!! .

 gmactv (2011-01-06 at 21:30:48)
 F dis gyak in er la senza bash hit me up doe gmactv.blogspot.com nah am jokin she wud get filled wid unleaded still dont jack my talk london gmac said it first holla .

 NIGEL B (2011-01-07 at 15:45:42)
 shes a hoe, HOE 3X VANESSA is a HOE. oi i miss the way u sucked my dick. best head ever, swallowing my cum & getting gang bang with my team u & julie. u lot was the kent hoe dat we took to durrty souf and pimped to the man dem. where av u been hiding, now ur a fucking glamour model oh my gosh. u hoe bag. am coming 4 u bitch. ROUND 2. u hearrrd!!! .

 J.R sn1 (2011-01-08 at 12:30:16)
 THIS GAL IS SO DIRTY SHE GAVE MAN GORNOREA. She luvs gang banging different team bk in the days like some parcel parcel real talk .

 LDSXVNHJJKL (2011-01-08 at 18:24:50)
 Lmao @ these MOIIIST youts talkin bout "I used to beat" GTFOH stop chatting & those niggas who try & say I'll eat her on her reds WTF like really. Anyway she is gorgeous, but if she toned that stomach & those arms she'd get soooo much work in the states. .

 Ria (2011-01-08 at 18:37:21)
 You people are so fucking ignorant. Leave the girl, if she wants to be an "urban model" then let her. NONE of you man (or female trolls) can say she's unattractive. Obviously she isn't the brightest tool in the toolbox but she's smart enough to know that her looks are her currency. So you dumb hating bitches can Gtfoh tryna act like given the chance and the right amount of cash - you wouldn't do the same shit. And you guys chatting shit on here need to get some pussy asap and stop trine sabotage someone elses life. Lol, it's not even like she'll read this bullshit. PENDEJOS the lot of ya .

 BRICKY (2011-01-09 at 17:20:35)
 to ria, go suck a dick too. real women dnt do shit like this. if u need to make money or fame u dnt need to go about it this way. am not on anyones side but all this video gal ask 4 all this insults themselves. go fucking educate urself, instead ur thinking u gonna make it doing this glamour shit. where is ur parents anywayz... SHAME ON THEM!!! .

 Trisha (2011-01-09 at 17:25:47)
 to ria, am a mother of 4 & i will NOT allow my daughter to take off her clothes 4 a million pound. no disrespect to ur mum vaqnessa but she as brought u up wrongly, am sorry to say!!! u r gorgeous, u dnt need to be taking off ur clothes or doing glamour to feel good or make money. u can make it in life doing better things. .

 troy se5 nam (2011-01-09 at 17:46:20)
 vanessa, u know wat u done couple years back, wat r u denying it. ok watch am gonna show it to the whole world to see.... cameras dnt lie BIAATCH. & as 4 ria come suck my dick too like vanessa use too. u fucking lesbian. we r not hating, we hate hater. we making money out here. we just hate all this uk hoes trying to go on like they innocent.... AM GONNA RUIN UR CAREER .

 Aaliyah (2011-01-09 at 17:50:45)
 oi u need to take time vanessa. u must be doing something wrong luv. i know alot of video gals or glamour gals but i av never seen such comments in my life. change ur circle or ur management. this abuse is too much. Am sorry .

 sorry my ass (2011-01-11 at 19:50:25)
 this is the kind of abuse any hoe dat put her dirty self out there should get. U DESERVE ALL THIS ABUSE VANESSA. get a fucking life, gals like u make me fucking sick. u should be a role model 4 the next generation, instead ur flashing ur fat self. SHAME ON UR PARENTS, SHAME ON UR FAMILIES, SHAME ON UR KIDS IF U AV ONE & BIGGEST SHAME ON U BECAUSE JOKES R ON U LUV....It loolks like peolpe aint feeling u. i bet u dnt even give a fuck either u loser!! .

 cock sucker vanessa bee (2011-01-30 at 19:35:10)
 vanessa is a hoe. true talk, stop lying to people bout doing glamour model. if u ever make it am gonna sell ur stories to the media, fuck u up then get rich from ur stories u fucking dick sucker!!! u and dat poppy voice.SLAG!!! .

 lol ria (2011-02-06 at 02:43:33)
 are you serious? i can say she is ugly cas she is and she is also fat, need to get ur eyes tested luv. but i do not agree with the stripping down is bad comments so what if she does its a job,,,end of .

 general (2011-02-18 at 19:06:36)
 i thing in life people need to get in there thick skull espcially black people, we always want to make it the easiest way, but do we ever stop to think WAT IF..... Doing glamour or taking off ur clothes 4 watever reason is NOT the way forward. but each to there own. personally i wont allow my daughter to do such thing!!! We r human being no matter how strong u r, negative talk about u is not good & am sure deep down all these messages must be hurting this girl. but i guess life goes on. i pray for u to see the light before its too late. MAY GOD HELP U & GIVE U THE VISIONS TO DO BETTER THINGS IN LIFE. Use ur potential better make urself & ur families happy because no mother or father will like to see there children like this unless they are MAD .

 Cardz (2011-02-25 at 02:42:36)
 What's the instrumental called ? .

 JAMES (2011-05-16 at 15:23:13)
 if i see her i would shit myself with joy! .

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