UK Singer Kyra & Cashtastic - Good Love (Official Video) @kyraofficial
 feeling this (2012-07-20 at 14:50:23)
 HAM .

 OMG (2012-07-20 at 04:17:34)
 Kyra is literally in my eyes, a UK BEYONCE i dont know you , but ima fan already, and Cash good look, john legend vybe, G.O.O.D music my nigga .

 yh good look (2012-07-21 at 06:29:42)
 reminds me of sum classic shit .

 fantastic (2012-07-22 at 07:38:47)
 am feeling this its perfect and the singer is pretty .

 The best ting.. (2012-07-23 at 19:46:52)
 Trust me this girl is the next best ting she going to be huge .

 Jade boss (2012-07-23 at 20:51:51)
 Errgh cash went my skill he thinks he's so nice wid his skinny ded self fink cah him some badman nw .

 Seriously (2012-07-25 at 12:15:52)
 THis girl is shit .

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UK Singer Kyra & Cashtastic - Good Love (Official Video) @kyraofficial
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