WTF! Little 6 Year Old Daggering Lil Girls Infront Of There Parents - This Aint Right
 hey (2012-07-30 at 13:52:07)
 ihufkudhihuy .

 add 2810bb7e (2012-07-30 at 09:08:02)
 acs 100% poping off add 2810bb7e .

 allow it (2012-07-20 at 00:40:30)
 dis dominican repbulic why carriabean ppl do fuckery dis site make us look bad .

 THIS ISNT BRAZIL YOU FOOL (2012-07-20 at 10:48:45)
 KMT! .

 oladon (2012-07-19 at 04:14:31)
 kids copyin their parents as usual .

 lol (2012-07-19 at 04:18:46)
 thats really bad .

 stupid (2012-07-19 at 04:22:14)
 their parents are the only ones to blame little dicks kmt .

 SMH (2012-07-19 at 04:28:58)
 Disgusting cunts them parents are aint the kids fault but how are you encouraging 6 year olds backshotting eachother thats terrible and they jus record it. no offence but if i got a 6 year old boy daggering my daughter i wud wig him and his parents .

 kmt (2012-07-19 at 06:36:46)
 only in brazil .

 SO SAD! (2012-07-19 at 06:44:51)
 Spiff come like you fat fucks are obsessed with lil kids daggering! if your so against it dont promote it you fucking PRICK!! PEDOSS! .

 dumb fuck (2012-07-19 at 11:11:25)
 if its not right stop puttin dis bullshit up .

 fujt (2013-01-16 at 19:15:23)

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 Hannah (2013-04-10 at 18:13:41)
 and not in Brazil and Jamaica, the rhythm and different, but still absurd .

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WTF! Little 6 Year Old Daggering Lil Girls Infront Of There Parents - This Aint Right
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