Westwood - Kano freestyle Radio 1
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 ruff 1 (2009-10-03 at 20:46:56)
 kano goes in! .

 I GETS IT IN (2009-10-04 at 06:14:19)
 dats what i like to see kano the ardest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

 bun this fool (2009-10-04 at 23:57:37)
 kano dnt represent the rap scene in england hes jus a grime artist not certified on this rap ting .

 ardest (2010-08-25 at 15:54:33)
 kano jus came bak from rehab for taking crak looool crakhed .

 @K9London (2010-03-06 at 04:32:56)
 This proves again why I think Kano is one of the best out of the youngas. Lyrics, flows, charismas and a good portion of believability. Keep the fire burning Kano .

 Kano Is da Guy (2011-01-11 at 16:04:15)
 Kano certified don Dont Get it twisted mad from day 1 .

 kano still doin it (2011-11-05 at 17:32:29)
 same flow big man ting .

 suk ya matha (2011-11-05 at 17:34:20)
 haters fi go suk a bulla kano hard frm day dot .

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Westwood - Kano freestyle Radio 1
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